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Horror: Discovery of Entire Families Massacred by the FSA in Aleppo

Following the pleasing news of advancement by the Syrian Arab Army, where they gained access to the areas that were under the control of the Erdogan, US and NATO backed Terrorists of so-called “fsa”, including the neighbourhoods and districts of “Al-Safira, Khnassar, Tal ‘Aran and Al-Humeira” in Aleppo, came the shattering news of the discovery of further massacres committed by the Terrorists, of the so-called ‘fsa”, with over 100 civilians including Women, Children and elderly found butchered so far.

Since entering the areas, the Syrian Arab Army have discovered shocking atrocities, uncovering massacres of Syrian civilians that have been carried out by Terrorists from “Al-Nusra Front” (FSA), including the field executions of civilians that had opposed them along with their crime and terror ..

The Erdogan US and NATO backed Terrorists from the “fsa” and “Al-Nusra Front” have committed further unspeakable crimes against defenseless civilians, slaughtering entire families from babies to the aged elderly, in what can only be described as another in a long line of hate fueled Wahhabi massacring rampages of Religious and Political Genocide that Erdogan Hosts from Turkey as the US, Arabs, and NATO continue to fund, train, support and Arm these criminals against Syrians, while at the same time persistently attempt to install these criminally insane Terrorists for their “puppet” Government forcefully against the will of the Syrian people, under the guise that their only involvement in this 2 year crisis is to spread “Democracy” and all this while Israel directing from the background waits to execute much more evil plans for Syrians and their Country, just as they have done for decades and continue to do in Palestine.

The Following are the names of some of the Brave Hero Martyrs that have been identified so far and the neighbourhoods they resided in:

Martyrs of ” Khanasser” – 26 cited so far:

1 – Talal Ali Hussein

3 – Ahmad Hamidi Hussein

4 – Ibrahim Hussein
5 – Fatima Mousa Ali and her entire family
6 – Child – Nayef Al-Naev – 12 years old
7 – Child – Aya Al-Naef – 7 years old
8 – Child – Aziza Naev – 13 years
9 – Children – Noor Ali – 5 years old, And 4 young girls from the same family
14 – Hassan Ali – 45 years
15 – Child – Hatem Ali – 5 years
16 – Naif Al-Ali – 30 years old with his Wife and 2 young daughters
17 – Naif’s Wife – Hala Al-Ali – 25 years
18 +19- Naif’s Two young daughters

Martyrs of ‘Em ‘Aamoud” – 35 cited so far:

1 -Irfan Moosa – 38
2 – Nasser Al-Qurfan – 45
3 – Mary Moosa – 75
4 – Hussein Ben Ali Moosa – 50 and his wife
5 – Tamam Hussein – 80 years
6 – Hamoud Al Zaidan – 40 years
7 – Hussein Zaidan – 60 years
8 – Khalil Mohammad bin Hassan – 25 years
9 – Recep Moosa – 40 years
10 – Ali Rajab – Al Mousa 10 years
11 – Abdullah Hamid – 50 years old and Two of his Children
12 – Hassan Al-Mrei – 50 years
13 – Said Al – Mrei – 40 years
14 – Nasser Al-Mrei – 45 years
15 – Hussein Ibrahim Moosa 60 years
16 – Yassin Gaseous – 50 years
17 – Younis Al Jassim Hassan – 60 years
18 – Abdullah Younis Hassan – 35 years
19 – Ibrahim Jassim Hassan – 50 years
20 – Hassan Mohammad – 55 years and his wife Ghbasheh
21 – Abu Zeid Al Alawi – 55 years, And his entire family of 10 people

Martyrs of ” Al-Junied” – 23 cited so far :

1 – Abdulkarim al-Hajj Hassan
2 – Brother – Rajab al-Hajj Hassan
3 – Abdulkarim’s Two daughters
4 – Ibn Rajab al-Hasan al-Hajj Hassan
5 – Abdul Hassan Al-Jalous
6 – Fadi Hussein Joum’a Hajj Hassan
7 – Ahmed Ibn Abu Shehu
8 – Ahmed Mahmoud Al-Khalef
9 – Yahya Mahmoud Al-Khalef
10 – Dr. Hassan Mahmoud Al-Khalef
11-  Dr. Al-Khalef’s 4 young grandchildren
12 –As’aad Al Asmail Agha
13 – Mahmoud Al-Khalef

Martyrs of ” Humeira”:

The Execution of approximately 20 members of the “Al-Shafi family, including women that were butchered with knives in the nearby village of Humeira then their bodies burned.

This brutal cold-blooded slaughtering of innocent Women, Children and the elderly is in retaliation for the brave Syrian heroes who said no to the Terrorist organization of “Al-Nusra Front” a.k.a. “fsa”, with the murdering Terrorists already accusing the Syrian Arab Army of their horrific crimes, as they have done all along in the past 24 months.

The Syrian Arab Army is currently engaged in ongoing clashes with the Armed Terrorists, as Syrian Troops cleanse the neighbourhoods from the evil disease of US, Arab and NATO Backed Terrorists a.k.a. the “fsa”…JA


– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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  1. John Bono

    Blaming everyone but the regime is pathetic.the whole world knows assads killing the people with his fake war on terror.assads shabiha are the ones that massacre with knives they do it everytime.Assad attacks the people the FSA attack assads private army. It's not brain surgery

    • Arabi Souri

      It's utterly disgusting finding someone after 23 months of so many information before them and still brainwashed repeating the same Collin Powell style lies: Assad killing his own people using his own people (The Syrian Army)while the non Syrian Afghani, Libyan, Yemeni, Tunisian and all others except Syrian Army called FSA (Free from Syrian Army) is only protecting the people by slitting their throats.. Go get a life, even the US is fearing the level of crimes their agents, the FSA, have reached in their crimes and now calling them Al Qaeda and Jabhat Nasra. If there's anything the Syrian crisis has taught us is that 'Stupidity is Abundant', exactly like in your case John Bono.

  2. Enrique Ferro

    John Bono is blind to the facts on the ground. Each day videos and testimonies arrive from Syria witnessing the fanatic mind of the takfiris who wish to establish a sectarian emirate there, and stop at nothing to cleanse and exterminate the infidel and apostate minorities along with most of the majority who want to live in peace and fraternity, and that the Islamists are determined to convert to their Wahhabi sect. Bono's ignorance is pathetic, he doesn't even read the MSM, which have published for over a year the atrocities of the West-sponsored terrorists. Such atrocities have become so huge and bloody that even the Western politicians cannot hide them any more, as Hague stated yesterday in an amazing show of hypocrisy!

  3. John Bono

    Sad lame propaganda, you are writing propaganda to convince me there is no revolution that its all a foreign terrorist conspiracy. Well you have failed. Nobody believes any of this nonsense. As for gaining ground lol losing three bases in a week over 20 planes in the hands of the opposition two tank convoys destroyed lol if thats winning you have already won. Charlie Sheen style

    • Caustic Logic

      Let's step back then to the part where you said "assads shabiha are the ones that massacre with knives." Yes, the same "Shabiha" that did the Houla massacre in Taldou immediately after rebels conquered the town on May 25. The same "Shabiha" who did Qubeir and Tremseh right after. The same "Shabiha" who blew up the house with 200 Alawite prisoners in Aqrab in December. The same "Sahbiha" that crossed from the orchards dressed in black to punish rebel-supporters in the Haswiyeh massacre in January. Nope. Regular army, they're saying this time, with 23 tanks, just attacking random villages as Islamist rebels swarm all over (or, swarmed). See here.

  4. Arabi Souri

    Mr. John Bono thinks we are spreading news about such crimes committed by the NATO agents (Al Qaeda FSA terrorists) just to convince him there's no revolution. Well Mr. Bono, we can't care less whether you are convinced or not, we don't pay your taxes used to finance these terrorists instead of using it to secure your pension, give you free healthcare, education or at least pave the roads in your country better… It's not our mistake that people like you think they're doing good by supporting these terrorists in our country, your support to them only makes my people hate your country more, and our children become enemies to you and your children and they have all the rights to revenge from your country when they grow up for 'democratizing' them. If tomorrow a group of our children go to your country and 'democratize' your country the same way, don't feel sad or upset about, it's just a pay back.As for the revolution, there's no revolution in Syria, it's only a conspiracy by western countries to take out our country using the 5th column we have, which exists in every other country as well, unless you believe the CIA is a charity organization, of course?!


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