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‘Hezb Allah’ and Gaza Downed Two Israeli Drones in 24 Hours

Hezb Allah and Palestinian Gaza Resistance Down Isareli Drones حزب الله والمقاومة الفلسطينية في غزة يسقطون مسيرات اسرائيلية درون

The Lebanese and Palestinian resistance forces managed to bring down two Israeli drones within 24 hours, one in south Lebanon and the other approaching the Gaza Strip, respectively.

Palestinian resistance factions have managed to shoot down an Israeli IDF terrorist drone while it was flying over the eastern side of Rafah, in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Sources in the Israeli IDF terrorist corps have confirmed that they lost a drone yesterday night south of the Gaza Strip. The terrorists’ source said they’re investigating the incident.

This comes just one day after the Lebanese ‘Hezb Allah’ resistance movement managed to bring down an Israeli IDF terrorist drone flying over the town of Ramia, south of Lebanon near the borders with occupied Palestine. Hezb’s statement added: ‘with suitable weapons.’

Again, the IDF terrorist sources admitted that they lost a drone in the south of Lebanon. Immediately after the incident Israeli helicopters and fighter jets were seen patroling the occupied Palestinian side of the borders without daring to cross into Lebanon, what they used to do earlier.

This particular development in south Lebanon has put in action the second promise of the Hezb’s Secretary-General after fulfilling the first promise in attacking an Israeli target within occupied Palestine from the Lebanese borders on the 1st of this month.

from Al Mayadeen: Hezbollah Retaliates Netanyahu Aggression
from Al Mayadeen: Hezbollah Retaliates Netanyahu Aggression

Sayyed Hassan Nasr Allah vowed that previous rules of engagement are not more in force in Lebanon after the stupid Netanyahu aggression that killed two Hezb members in the town of Aqraba, Damascus Countryside late last month, and on the same day tried to assassinate an official in Hezb in the Lebanese capital Beirut’s southern district, Hezb Allah’s main base.

The new rules of engagement set by the Hezb’s leader are now fulfilled: Hezb fighters bombed an Israeli IDF terrorist vehicle across the borders with Palestine in the settlement of Ivivim killing and injuring its passengers, and to target and shoot down, at will, any Israeli drones breaching Lebanese air space.

Both dates: 1st of September 2019 and 9th of September 2019 will be remembered for long especially by the Israeli military and political command, these are the two dates that proved their vulnerability and weakness facing the determination of the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance in both Lebanon and Gaza.

There are, however, three more parties that haven’t retaliated yet and their retaliation would be more costly for Israel and its US sponsors, those are the Syrian and Iraqi states and the PFLP-GC.

A Syrian security source has confirmed yesterday that Israeli planes have targeted a military base under construction in Bu-Kamal area east of the country, the base was to be used by the SAA and its allies.

The targeted site in Bu-Kamal was empty and therefore no casualties were reported from this aggression. Israeli planes used the Jordanian airspace with the help of the Trump forces in Al-Tanf area in the farthest southeast of the Syrian desert, the Syrian security source added.

The security source warned that any repetition of aggression the Israeli and Trump forces in this area will not be spared (from retaliation) since this is a violation of a red line, as per the wording of the Syrian security source.

Referring to the tacit aid by the US forces to the Israeli planes and having a security source giving the statement instead of the Syrian Armed Forces General Command should be received clearly on the Israeli and US sides. The next aggression will cost the lives of US soldiers, and retaliation will be carried out against Israeli targets, either by the SAA or more possible in a security operation.

In the Israeli targeting of Iraqi military bases run by the PMUs using drones, the Pentagon was fast in pointing the fingers towards Israel being the culprit behind these attacks using drones. The Pentagon officials know very well the cost of such attack especially that the US embassy in Baghdad has over 4000 employees! Each one of them is being marked by Iraqi resistance forces, not to mention the US presence in the country which is against the will of the majority of the Iraqi political factions and parties.

The third-party that has not yet retaliated and its retaliations are usually not public but leaves deep marks within Israel is the PFLP-GC, whose head of security and military division Khalid Jibril has exposed the Israeli PM Netanyahu to be a low-level crook by claiming to retrieve the body of an IDF terrorist that was killed in Lebanon from the Yarmouk Camp south of Damascus with the help of Russian President Mr. Putin for reasons we won’t understand, and who celebrated this ‘achievement’ while knowing that what they got was less than half of the body of that terrorist.

Liar Netanyahu shows fake emotions to family of IDF terrorist Baumel
Netanyahu only brought less than half of the body of IDF terrorist Baumel but didn’t tell that to the family of the terrorist.

Netanyahu in retaliation to this public humiliation by Mr. Jibril ordered his forces to strike a site used by the PFLP-GC in east Lebanon, the attack didn’t result in any casualties as the fighters of this particular Palestinian faction are the most vigilant and most sincere in their cause, thus most prepared for any Israeli aggression.

What is obvious is that nobody is willing to give in the Netanyahu attempts and help him in his coming elections, the Resistance camp – Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, and the Palestinian factions less Hamas – are retaliating and responding in calculated moves that won’t lead to a regional war to help Netanyahu defer or skip the elections, in addition, he, the foolish war criminal, has used all cards embarrassing everybody who helped him thus far and failing to form a government in previous elections which led to the rerun next week.

On 17th of September the second most hated person in the region after Turkish Erdogan has only one of two options: if he wins the elections and manages to form a government he will be spared the other option which will lead him to prison for a number of frauds and briberies he and his wife have committed.

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