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global research website germany doubled weapons sales to gulf states which support armed groups in syria

Feb 27, 2013

OTTAWA,(SANA)-In a time when the European countries pretend that they are keen on stopping the spread of weapons in the world and they adopt stances and impose huge sanctions against some countries, Canadian Global Research Website, revealed that Germany has doubled its exports of weapons to the Gulf states last year which funds and arms the terrorist groups in Syria.

The website indicated that all the bourgeois parties in Germany have supported the criminal war against Syria as the Western countries over the last two years have organized a terrorist war against the Syrian Government to change it and to bring a puppet government that can be controlled through using the gulf states as tools in the region.

During a session of the parliament, the German Government has revealed that the deals of arms export with the gulf states were estimated at 1.42 billion Euros last year.

The website added that Qatar which organizes a war launched by the West against Syria, had also supported the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)’s bombing of Libya, and it plays a basic role in the preparations for a war against Iran.

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