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global research washington backs syrian anti government terrorism

Feb 23, 2013

TORONTO, (SANA) – Global Research Website stressed on Saturday that the crisis in Syria was and still is a war planned by the USA as “Washington tolerates no independent government. It demands subservience to US policies. Outliers are targeted for removal. Options include war.”
In an article titled ” Washington Backs Syrian Anti-Government Terrorism”, the website cited the tools that might be used by the US to carry out its plans, ” Mass slaughter and destruction don’t matter. Unchallenged dominance is policy. It’s longstanding, ruthless and lawless.”
” Western-recruited death squads ravage Syria. They’ve done so for two years. They’re imported from abroad. Rules of engagement include mass murder, torture, and other atrocities,” the website added.

It stressed that” Syria was peaceful before US proxies invaded. So was Libya in 2011. It was ravaged and destroyed. It remains unstable and violent.”
The website held U.S. President Barack Obama fully responsible for the war in Syria, describing him as “a war criminal multiple times over,” with “Cutthroat killers are used. They’re recruited abroad. They’re heavily armed, trained, funded and directed. They’re ordered to commit mass murder.”

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