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The FSA Scavenger Identified Working for Qatari Aljazeera

Free Syrian Cannibal

Whenever you think Obama’s Nusra Front, FSA, Freedom Fighters et al, terrorists fighting the Syrian people, their state and their army, reach the lowest crimes ever, they surprise you with further lower levels they can reach.

The disgust is not limited to them and their rituals like decapitating, grilling heads of their victims, parading with heads, lynching people alive till the last piece of flesh is no bigger than a hand palm, dismembering, among other rituals these Wahhabi Jihadists practice, the disgust extends to their financiers, supporters and backers, especially those beacons of democracy and freedom of speech in Saudi Arabia & the Empire of Qatar.

Free Syrian Cannibals
Free Syrian Cannibals

The terrorist from the Farouq Battalion of Nusra Front of ‘Free Syrian Army’ of Al Qaeda of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization [different names for US death squads] who appeared on a video a couple of days ago carving out and eating the heart of a dead Syrian Arab Army soldier, was identified by a group of Syrian activists by comparing the video and name mentioned in the latest video clip with previous video clips shown on the Qatari owned Al Jazeera News Channel, and we leave you with the video clip they managed to compile with English subtitles.

GRAPHIC Contents Warning:

Each citizen of a NATO member state or a citizen of the so called ‘Friends of Syria’ coalition is responsible for these satanic acts of the terrorists your countries sanction and support. Wake Up and Stop Getting Fooled by Your Own People and Your Own Media.

The USA cut $510 million of its hard earned taxpayers dollars to finance these criminals, and that’s the amount they admitted publicly, the UK will give these scavengers armored vehicles and communication devices, the French set an advanced command and control listening station in north Lebanon and speculations are high it was moved to Al Qussayr city, the Germans send their spy ship off the Syrian coast, not for spying as one of their minister said, it’s there only to ‘listen to the movements of the Syrian Arab Army’!

 The people of the world don’t hate you because of your ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ you lack back home, they hate you because you hire these mercenaries to enslave people in the world the same way your bankers and corporations enslave you back home.

A typical western family following mainstream media
A typical western family following mainstream media

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