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FSA rats meet an SAA Tank Gun Face to Face

A group of Liwaa Tawheed (one of the names of Al Qaeda Free Syrian Army groups) hiding in a building waiting to snipe residents when a Syrian Army tank traced them and came directly to their faces. 
Hello, I’m a Syrian Army Tank and my gun’s nozzle is the last thing you’ll see in this filthy life of yours
Hello, I’m an SAA Tank, and my gun’s nozzle is the last thing you’ll see in the filthy life of yours
3 Shots then total silence, watch, later you’ll be told on NATO propaganda outlets that Syrian Army tanks are targeting civilians: 

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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  1. Bill the Butcher

    Some observations:1. That's a pretty old tank – from the turret shape, a T 55 or at the latest a T 62. Wonder why these would be used in city combat. Using armour in city fighting isn't good tactics as the Russians learnt in Chechnya.2. Why were the terrorists filming? Did they expect the tank to stop exactly where they were focusing the camera? Or were they planning to ambush the tank at that point and their camouflage was so poor (and they were so stupid – note the pigeon they chased off early in the video) that the tank could see exactly where they were?3. I think there was only one shell (from the acompanying sounds) and the recording was replayed. Most videos from this source do this. Watch any video of an FSA terrorist getting sniped and you'll see him being shot and falling several times over.4. How on earth did the camera survive a high-explosive (it was HE: note the dust and smoke from the explosion) shell at that distance?5. How exactly is the fighting in Aleppo going?

    • Arabi Souri

      1. New tanks are reserved for real wars, older tanks were used so far, and very few times new ones were used, the tanks aren't used for street battles as before the great Arab Spring nobody would expect own people to destroy their country.. as per the western media put it, and Syrian police, security and army weren't equipped for such fights and didn't have armored vehicles for urban battles, they use the tanks mostly as shields from snipers.2. If the terrorists do not film their crimes they don't get paid, they keep the cameras rolling all the time until something happens, in this case they're snipers waiting for a resident, a car or a bus to pass by, there were some shots, maybe at an army checkpoint nearby before the tank swiftly arrived to the location where the shooting was coming.3. I guess it was 3 and even 4 shells, but the guys are after something in specific, by the way the terrorists were still shooting at the tank from a different location, but what usually happens, after the tank fires, the army arrives and search the place, kill who's left alive or arrest them.4. The camera was placed deep inside, if you noticed one of the terrorists runs in front of the cam, the shelling wasn't at the same room where the camera was and theses are concrete buildings.5. The fighting is always in favor of the Syrian Army, but there are always thousands of brainwashed Jihadists whom think they'll enter paradise if they fight the only country that is still officially in a state of war with Israel, Jihadists main enemy, supposedly..! They target remote outposts and in large numbers, they don't care if they win, they are fighting to 'martyr' as in their infected minds. Syrian Army is changing tactics and once the main sewer (tunnel) in an area is discovered the fighting finishes in no time.


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