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France: Military Strike on Syria could happen by Wednesday

Air Force F-16 Fighter

Chinese Media warn against any military attack on Syria.

According to a new report, France has said that the foreign military intervention in Syria, and thus, the war against Damascus, could take place by Wednesday, while the media agencies in China warn against any airstrikes and attack against Syria by Washington and other foreign states.

However, it is currently just reported that France has said that the military strike on Syria could take place by Wednesday.

It is to expect that more information is later available. In addition, after the British parliament has voted against the participation of the British military in an attack on Syria, it is questionable whether the war against Damascus will really be carried out by France and Washington – then based on a pretext.

Although these governments are capable to do a lot of things – as the support for Al Qaeda and religious fanatics in Syria since two years confirms, beside all the other evidence for the small level of morality of these governments in Washington, Paris and London. Not to mention Germany and several other Western nations.

Beside the news that probably a member of the government in Paris has said that the military strike against Damascus could take place by Wednesday, the Chinese media warn in many new articles against any foreign military intervention in Syria.

The Chinese media have warned against the dire consequences of any potential military strike by Washington and its usual allies against Damascus.

Syria: ANNA-news in Jobar
Syria: ANNA-news in Jobar

The dire consequences of such a military attack against Syria would not only include the Arab nation but also the entire Middle East. In principle, this warning by the Chinese media is the same warning that has been already stated by Russia, Italy, Iran and many other states, including a lot of anti-war campaigners, experts of the events in the Middle East and other political analysts.

For example, the official newspaper of the ruling Communist Party in China, The People’s Daily, wrote that any military intervention by foreign forces in Syria is able to extend the conflict and crisis in the Arab nation and will certainly spread the war to the neighbouring countries of Syria.

The People’s Daily also said in its new articles in regards of the potential military strike against Syria that such an intervention in the Arab nation will also hit the fragile global economy.

China`s state-run Daily also wrote that such a deadly war like the invasion of Iraq in 2003 by US-led forces, under “the pretext of wiping out the stocks of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) belonging to the executed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s regime”, should not be allowed to happen again.

According to the reports by the The People’s Daily from China, any foreign military intervention in Syria would trigger dire consequences for the security in the Middle East and also violate international relations. The Chinese newspaper further wrote that such an attack on Syria will only increase the crisis and “could have unforeseen and unwelcome consequences.”

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    Innocent people are suffering from hunger,trust and luck of health by the regime of Alassad while you veto power are triggered for your own business thousands of children, mothers lost their life and others are waiting within the same condition. they need urgent solution crying seeking help from the global community. some counties are standing for only president Beshir Alasad his followers. please remove your hands from this people.


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