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Four of Trump Forces Killed in an IED Explosion in the Northeast of Syria

UNSC junta ignore US theft of Syria's oil.

Locals reported the killing of 4 of the Trump forces by a roadside bomb near the town of Markadah in the southern countryside of Hasakah, northeast of Syria.

The Syrian news agency SANA reported that a vehicle of the US Army patrol was targeted by roadside IED (Improvised Explosive Device) in the vicinity of Markadah town on the Hasakah – Der Ezzor road.

SANA added, based on reports from local sources in the area, that the 4 passengers of the vehicle were killed due to the explosion, one of who was a translator.

Trump forces established a security perimeter around the site of the explosion and US army airplanes were buzzing the skies over the targeted area. The killed members of the patrol were carried to the US illegal military base in the Shaddadi town about 40 kilometers (25 miles) to the north of Markadah.

The US President Donald Trump has maintained hundreds of his forces in northern Syria to steal the Syrian oil as per his statements he repeated several times. US troops operating under his command to fulfill this task are mercenary oil thieves, thus the killed ones of them are no heroes and their families should be shamed.

Donald Trump declaring the task of his troops in Syria is to steal Syrian oil

You can ignore all the lies spewed over the past 9.5 years by all the US officials and their apologist mainstream media that they are intervening in Syria to help the Syrian people achieve ‘democracy’, especially that the whole world saw how the USA itself in this past presidential elections is very far from achieving democracy itself.

The Kurdish SDF separatist militias in northern Syria provinces help the USA steal the Syrian oil by providing cannon fodder troops to protect the US oil thieves and by oppressing the locals in the region.

Reports of casualties among the US forces, especially overseas, are always suppressed by the US Ministry of War known as the Pentagon, US media also help conceal the real numbers of their casualties. We have no exact number of the casualties of the US troops in Syria, we do believe they are in the dozens. Do let us know in the comments when the Pentagon reports on this incident.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Criminal oil thieves go to hell and their criminal families who sent them to kill our people and steal our resources. And they have the audacity to say they’re helping us by bombing and killing us.


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