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Child and 2 Adults Killed, 9 Injured by a Landmine Explosion in East Hama

landmine explosion in Syria - archive

A landmine explosion killed three civilians among them a little girl and injured nine others in the vicinity of Salamiyah, northeast of Hama.

The landmine planted by NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists, dubbed by western mainstream media as ‘moderate rebels’, in the farmlands of Qasr Muharram village, Salamiyah, in the northeastern countryside of Hama province, central Syria.

The farmers were working on their farmland when one of them hit the landmine, a source in the Hama Police Command stated.

Children accompanying their families working on their farmlands, and students on their ways to or from their schools are the main targets of these landmines planted carefully by the terrorists to keep the killing and maiming of the Syrians ongoing long after the terrorists are defeated.

Syrian armed forces and their allies are exhausting their efforts in combing and cleaning explosives planted in all the places earlier infested by terrorists, but the task is overwhelming.

This is the second landmine explosion in just 5 days, the previous one killed two children in Der Ezzor countryside, and that one was planted by the Kurdish SDF separatist militia, another proxy of the USA in the country.

Note: Injuries from landmines usually means losing a limb or more, it’s an explosion under the targeted victim, the smaller their bodies the more damage caused, and that’s exactly what the USA spread in Syria, not democracy, therefore, the US citizens who voted for their politicians to approve their crimes and the US taxpayers footing the bills for these interventions should feel very guilty for the crimes committed in their names by their sons in the US military directly or under their protection and with their tax money.

Terrorists planted different shapes and forms of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) depending on the places, in residential buildings the IEDs were in the shapes of household items, near schools it would be in the shape of toys on the side of the road, while in farmlands it would be like cylinders planted few centimeters deep in the ground.

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