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Embattled Erdoğan Receives Another Harsh Slap

Islamist Caliph wannabe Erdoğan

On May 12, 2013, predicted the end of Erdoğan in an article titled Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Commits Suicide, and now with the project he was appointed to spearhead collapsing, the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is at the edge of his political life and just needs a further small push and he’ll be having his delayed free fall into the black hole of history.

3 top aides of the embattled hypocritical and paranoid Erdoğan resigned at once delivering another slap to the radical and terror sponsoring NATO slave’s face, a direct blow to his Muslim Brotherhood junta ruling Turkey that will expedite the end of his cult and their tight grip over the Turkish nation.

Islamist Caliph wannabe Erdoğan
Islamist Caliph wannabe Erdoğan

Known for his loose temper, record breaking of jailing opponents and turning the country seeking to join the EU membership to the biggest prison for journalists in the world. His failure in Syria and his betting on the fanatic Muslim Brotherhood organization to take control of the Middle East under the Zionist controlled US regime’s ‘New Middle East’ project and thinking his masters will reward him by appointing him as the Caliph of the new anti-Islamic federal state of enclaves led by local emirs.

His short vision made him perform the task designed for him by his masters without calculating the consequences of becoming a leading tyrant and a mass criminal by hiring tens of thousands of Wahhabi mercenary suicide bombers and terrorists brought from all sides of the planet and smuggled by his thugs in the MİT, the Milli İstihbarat Teşkilatı or the Turkish Intelligence Agency which instead of fighting terror turned into a sponsor of terror under his direct command.

Corruption charges against the close aides of the Caliph wannabe and his group of clans he appointed in sensitive positions the Turkish state was the longest nail in the doomed coffin of his political career, his harsh and heavy handed handling of the Taksim and Gezi Park protests were the shorter nail in his political coffin and the bullet to his head was the failure in toppling the Syrian government of Dr. Bashar Al Assad despite the mass killing of civilians by his Wahhabi terrorists with instructions coming directly from his office as martyr Maya Nasr was working on to prove and was very close to reveal his findings before he was assassinated by a sniper from the FSA in Damascus in September 2012 during a failed attempt by Al Qaeda FSA fighters to take control of strategic buildings in Damascus.

Erdoğan US with you
Erdoğan US with you

There’s nothing new in the US regimes letting their tools fall and sometimes pushing their tools to fall after using them to avoid getting exposed directly, Erdoğan is just one more tool added to the collection. Mubarak of Egypt was the most remarkable tool to be let down by his enablers, so was Saddam Hussein and now the US regime writes the obituary of the man who served Israel’s interests the most in the Middle East. There’s enough Syrian blood on this man’s hands and just seeing him go down the drain is not enough, he should prosecuted for his crimes against humanity and he should receive the maximum punishment to serve as a lesson for other tyrants selling their souls to the devil.

Erdoğan would be mostly remembered for:

  • Blocking this website in Turkey.
  • Jisr Al Shoghour massacre on 2 June 2011 leading to the killing of 120 Syrian security officers on the hands of Alqaeda terrorists smuggled into the border city by the MİT thugs.
  • His role in the Mavi Marmara play that left 9 Turkish activists dead with the help of his Israeli buddies.
  • The intensive campaign against the Kurds south and south east of Turkey and even in north of Iraq and Syria.
  • Imprisonment of tens of journalists and former Turkish army top officers.
  • Turning Turkey into a sectarian hub with the help of the Nurjian group.
  • His handling of Gezi Park and Taksim protests.
  • The bombing in Reyhanli border town.
  • Sending thousands of terrorists into Syrian border town Ras Al Ain and the slaughter of tens of civilians there.
  • His stupid alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and ignoring millions of Egyptians who took to the streets against the ruling of his buddy the sacked pharaoh wannabe Morsi.

And many more. You can also enjoy this message from German prominent journalist Jürgen Elsässer last year to Erdoğan (watch on YouTube):

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  1. syrtraveler

    Do not forget who is calling the shots in Turkey – the American Ambassador Francis Ricciardone – of course.

    Erdogan complains that it is US Ambassador Ricciardone who is trying to nail him – because the accusations regard trading with Iran.

    The US Ankara Embassy has been planning center in the war against Syria all along.

    And Mr. Ricciardone’s deputy in Adana, US Consul John Espinoza, is the man who has been overseeing:

    training by Blackwater-style “contractors”

    FSA headquarters in Incirlik Air base

    arms transfers from Ambassador Stevens in Libya

    arms supplies from Croatia over Kosovo

    the massacres during the storming of Aleppo – embellished by BBC/CNN/CIA –

    and the preparatory meeting in Antakya for the August false flag attack.

    John Espinoza is a veteran of “dirty wars” – he was, together with Robert Ford, part of the Iraqi embassy team 2004-05, together with John Negroponte and Robert Ford.

    They carried out the so-called “Salvador option” by forming “Wolf Brigades” – shiite-anti-Sunni death squads, reported for severe human rights abuses.

    These brigades had been promised impunity for war crimes – similarly to the US Special forces.

    Reports are denied or silenced by the controlled media.

    All these tricks – known from Iraq – are applied again – by the very same persons – moved between Iraq, Afghanistan and Adana.

    And his collaborator from Iraq, David Petraeus, returned as CIA chief 2011-12.

    Petraeus is the chief architect of death squads and misinformation, cheating everybody including his wife.

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