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Doctor Rola Hallam A Humanitarian Only for Those in Terrorist Controlled Areas of Syria

Rola Hallam - Syria

Doctor Rola Hallam, the humanitarian doctor for regime change in Syria, is still in action, setting up Hope Hospital, a crowd funded hospital near Jarabalus in Aleppo, an area under the control of Turkey’s Free Syrian Army proxies. Hallam is playing a key role in creating shadow government institutions in terrorist controlled areas of Syria which help to cement and justify continued occupation of Syria by terrorist forces and foreign states.

You may remember Hallam from the BBC Panorama special, “Saving Syria’s Children” made in 2013 which focused on an alleged napalm-like attack on a school in Aleppo on 26 August 2013, with victims being taken to the Atareb Hospital, which just happened to be a hospital set up by Hand in Hand for Syria a shady NGO operation of which Hallam was a member of the executive team.

Hallam, horrified at what she alleges was the repeated and deliberate bombing of hospitals in Aleppo during the 2016 Syrian army led campaign to liberate the city from terrorist militias, set up a crowd funded children’s hospital in April 2017 near Jarabalus in northern Syria. Hallam, like so many others in the NGO industrial complex tried valiantly to convince the world that the last hospital in Aleppo had been destroyed, only to rise like a phoenix from the ashes in order to be bombed again, providing another opportunity to evoke emotional outrage aimed at supporting increased intervention by western powers against Syria. The same applied to heart breaking claims of the last pediatrician being killed in Aleppo. Someone forgot to tell Dr. Zahar Buttal, Chairman of the Aleppo Medical Association, who refuted this scandalous claim, stating Aleppo at that time had 180 pediatricians among over 4000 doctors still working in the city.

Liberated Children of Aleppo. Happy At Last.

Photocredit: Jan Oberg

Rola Hallam - Syria US-funded al Zinki moments before hacking off 12 year old Abdullah Issa’s head

Undeterred by the joy of liberation of Syrians trapped under terrorist rule in East Aleppo and clearly preferring life under sectarian rule, our intrepid doctors made their way further north east, settling on the location near Jarabalus to build the children’s hospital on the goodwill if not naivety of over 4800 single crowd funders.

Money is one thing, but bringing in medical supplies and equipment across the Turkish border requires the assistance of well-connected organisations which have the green light from London to cross illegally into Syria and the permission of Turkish authorities to cross the border unchallenged. Acting to harm Syria has never been a problem for Recep Tayip Erdogan, who sent lethal weapons to ISIS as they rampaged across the country in 2013-2014, so providing the materials of “soft power” to undermine Syria from a humanitarian perspective is something he relishes.

erdogan - bana - aleppoErdogan: Hugs for Bana Today Kisses for ISIS Tomorrow

Transporting medical supplies from London to southern Turkey and across the border to northern Syria was made possible through the Peoples Convoy  an operation mounted by Hallam’s CanDo, Doctors Under Fire, The Phoenix Foundation, and The Syria Campaign. The Syria Campaign is more accurately a vicious anti-Syria campaign, accusing Bashar Al-Assad and the Syrian army of all atrocities imaginable and running a PR operation for the terrorist affiliated White Helmets.

The Syria Campaign, in its promotion of the operation on its web page just can’t help revealing the true nature of an alleged impartial humanitarian group claiming concern for the suffering of all Syrians. Its bias and scurrilous accusations are plain to see in the following:

Syria’s medical workers and hospitals are being systematically targeted because they are saving lives…. Since Syria’s peaceful uprising was met with brutal force doctors have been systematically targeted as a tactical weapon of war. It has become apparent that anyone treating ordinary people on ‘the other side’ of their political view has become a valid target and their elimination is part of a deliberate strategy to take greater control….What’s happening in Syria is an unprecedented attack on hospitals, health workers, and the principle of medical neutrality in the history of the modern world.

The convoy was supported by a who’s who of the regime change NGO complex.


Organising organisations

  • Across The Divide
  • CanDo
  • Doctors Under Fire
  • Hand in Hand for Syria
  • Phoenix Foundation
  • The Syria Campaign
  • UOSSM (Union of Medical Care and Relief Organisations)
  • Karam Foundation

Lina Sergie Attar is the CEO of The Karam Foundation. Appearing on the always utterly disappointing Democracy Now on 6 April 2017, just 2 days after the alleged chemical weapons attack on Khan Shekhoun, she was already certain the Syrian government had carried out the attack. She bemoaned that former President Obama failed to enforce his red line in 2013 on chemical weapons, urging Donald Trump to take military action.  “We are tired of hearing these empty promises, empty words, empty red lines and condemnations….We are tired of the empty words and empty threats” Attar said, clearly advocating for a military strike long before it was established what had happened, let alone who was responsible.

Lina Sergie AttarButter Wouldn’t Melt in Lina Sergie Attar’s Mouth. Doesn’t Stop Her Wishing for NATO War on Syria

Spurred on by the NGO propaganda machine of which Attar plays a vital role, Trump did bomb Syria the very next day. Cue a repeat performance on Democracy Now by Attar, this time much more upbeat, expressing satisfaction that a blow had been struck which aided no one but terrorists on the ground and their sponsors in the NATO/Gulf State alliance. Attar greeted the deaths of Syrians defending their homeland with “I am very happy that there is one less airfield for Bashar al-Assad to use to kill his own people, out of the 26 airfields that have been used over the past six years to bomb the Syrian people, as Alia said, with chemical weapons, with barrel bombs and with all sorts of weaponry.”

Democracy Now: Peace Except for when it Comes to SyriaDemocracy Now: Peace Except for when it Comes to Syria

A one off strike was not enough for Attar. She then made the following statement reminiscent of the rabid ramblings of Benjamin Netanyahu.  “What comes after chemical weapons? Will Bashar al-Assad himself use nuclear war against us?” And this is the question. How much further can we escalate this war against the Syrian people and Syrian civilians by the Assad regime and its allies? A truly deranged statement. Nuclear weapons?? Attar is clearly prone to hyperbole and her comments eliminate her as a credible impartial party to the war concerned purely with humanitarian work, a task which surely is needed. Just not from the likes of Attar who supports an alternative regime which will impose the most egregious of human rights abuses on a proud secular society.

Hope Hospital Bought to You by the FSA Terrorists

The Hope Hospital was set up in Turkish controlled Free Syrian Army proxy held areas of northern Syria. Previously Jarabalus and surrounding areas had been held by ISIS. When Turkey launched Operation Euphrates Shield  aimed at driving ISIS and the Kurdish YPG away from the border region with Turkey and establishing a buffer zone which is in effect an illegal and uninvited occupation of Syria, it was expected ISIS would be a formidable challenge. ISIS have been terrifyingly successful, so it came a surprise when they shrunk away in the night, allowing Turkish and FSA forces to march into Jarabalus unopposed.

No one has done more to harm Syria by the industrial scale support of terrorism than Erdogan. He housed, trained, equipped and sent terrorist forces swarming across the border in conjunction with his NATO allies. He fully supported ISIS and cracked down on anyone exposing this partnership, including the American reporter Serena Shim who was killed in an alleged car accident just one day after saying she feared for her life from Turkish intelligence. As for the much heralded FSA, they are as extreme as Al-Qaeda and ISIS and the people living under their control are right to fear for their safety.

Hallam is now spruiking her wares on the glamorized pan handling talk circuit. Speaking before an audience she seeks to fleece money from under the guise of supporting doctors, nurses and aid workers in rebuilding Syria, Hallam delivered a smooth marketing pitch, emotionally describing the horrors experienced in Syria, careful to connect it to how it could be alleviated by well-meaning and deep pocketed donors.

Hallam’s NGO Can Do tag celebrities in some of their tweets, eager to catch the attention of high profile, influential people who can be a bonanza for her cause. Most will be oblivious they are contributing to a partitioned Syria controlled by sectarian extremists should they fall under the spell of Hallam. It is typical of regime change NGO’s that try to suck in celebrities eager for good PR and cynical regime change NGO’s prey on this vanity.

Hallam is described as a humanitarian “entrepreneur,” a funny way to describe a humanitarian. She sounds sincere for part of the talk, although sets the horror by starting with an emotion laced description of bombed hospitals. This segues perfectly into being asked the leading question at the end of her presentation, why are hospitals bombed, allowing her to launch a barely disguised attack on the government of Syria.

Why doesn’t Hallam decry the sanctions on Syria which deprive a war torn country of desperately needed medical supplies. She is in the business of building shadow institutions and the suffering of the population who undoubtedly support their government and army bravely fighting terrorism doesn’t compute with the transformation into a dark era of Syrian history that Hallam has in mind.

Hallam is infamous for her part in the BBC Panorama special “Saving Syria’s Children” made in 2013.

On 26 August 2013, just 3 days before the vote in the UK parliament on taking military action against Syria was defeated, the BBC were at the Atareb Hospital in Aleppo, making a documentary on the work of UK “charity” Hand in Hand for Syria, following Doctor Hallam and a volunteer, Doctor Saleyha Ashan. 

 bbc - propaganda - syria - chemical attackScene from BBC Panorama ‘Saving Syria’s Children,’ looking like auditions for B grade zombie apocalypse flick

 In a remarkable case of pure serendipity, BBC reporter Ian Pannell described the hospital as being overwhelmed with victims of a napalm-like attack on a nearby school. We were treated to a parade of victims ranging from a woman screaming in excruciating pain as she was bought into the hospital one second to standing calmly in the hospital the next, to a group of boys who alternated from appearing well to writhing in agony and back again.

Rola Hallam - Syria Notice man pointing at woman with cream on her face and arm, while Dr. in surgical mask gives interview

Rola Hallam Creamy patient outside, crying, instead of being inside, receiving IV fluids

Were the BBC and Hallam serious!? Were we supposed to believe that within an hour of arriving at a hospital set up by Hand in Hand With Syria there just happened to be a horrendous attack using incendiary weapons like napalm or phosphorous?

BBC et al. somehow missed this trophy photo of moderate rebels standing on corpses of slaughtered Syrian womenBBC et al. somehow missed this trophy photo of moderate rebels standing on corpses of slaughtered Syrian women.

Robert Stuart, who wrote an outstanding investigation on the whole sordid affair, hounded the BBC with complaints about not just bias, but also that evidence pointed to the scenes being fabricated.

Stuart reported quite a startling admission —though totally believable—of bias by Hand in Hand With Syria in correspondence with the BBC’s Editorial Complaints Unit.

In the course of my correspondence with the BBC regarding ‘Saving Syria’s Children’, the Director of the BBC’s Editorial Complaints Unit, Colin Tregear, stated (my italics):

“I think it was implicit that the charity was working in an area of Syria controlled by the opposition and would therefore be likely to share its aims and objectives (as opposed to supporting the Syrian government).” BBC Editorial Complaints Unit Provisional Finding, 23 April 2014 (see p10 of download).

 Well Hallelujah for that. The BBC admits that foreign based and funded NGO’s support opposition groups who seek to overthrow the government of Syria and replace it with sectarian authoritarianism. If only it could admit it too is heavily biased in support of the same terrorist opposition groups and that it can never bring itself to make any favorable comments on the government of Bashar Al-Assad which is doing more to fight terrorism than any other.

BBC terrorists embedded with Ahrar al Sham terrorists while making videoBBC terrorists embedded with Ahrar al Sham terrorists while making video

Hot on the heels of the Atareb Hospital debacle, itself hot on the heels of the Sarin attack on 21 August  quickly blamed on government forces, Hallam proved her credentials as a warmongering humanitarian interventionist when she criticized former UK Labour Party leader Ed Miliband for voting against air strikes on Syria in retaliation for the Sarin incident. Those with a mindset more for meticulous investigation than emotional blackmail soon pointed the fingers at terrorist opposition groups being responsible for the outrage against humanity.

Something just doesn’t sit right when reading of self- declared humanitarians advocating for launching air strikes against Syria. Surely it goes against the grain, the raison d’etre of humanitarian groups of helping to save lives in war zones, rather than add to the carnage. And make no mistake, bombing campaigns lead to chaos, regime change and states left in abject despair and poverty. Libya started off as a no fly zone which quickly morphed into bombing the Libyan army to the point it was easily defeated, culminating in the brutal murder of Muammar Gadhafi.

Clinton was also cheered by al Qaeda terrorists, in TripoliClinton was also cheered by al Qaeda terrorists, in Tripoli

Back in 2013 Hallam was in the camp of the takfiris intent on imposing a Saudi styled Wahhabist paradise on Syria. Things have changed by 2018 as terrorist forces have been beaten back and foreign occupiers in the US and Turkey have in effect partitioned the country. Hallam and her ilk are even better poised to benefit from foreign government theft and plunder of Syrian land and resources. I am sure Syrians would prefer she take her “humanitarian” work elsewhere.

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    Still waiting for others in health care professions & msm to note that it’s illegal to practice any licensed profession in another country without that country’s permission, AND that countries whose licensed persons are doing it are supposed to revoke those licenses.

    Like waiting for msm to note that the Shajul Islam’s license was already revoked in the UK; like waiting for msm to note that fraud responder White Helmets don’t have a stethoscope.

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