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Assad: Terror-Sponsoring Countries Try to Revive it for Political Gains

Sweida Massacre by US-Sponsored ISIS مجزرة السويداء ارتكبها داعش المدعوم امريكياً

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad condemned the latest terrorist attacks in Sweida and vowed to continue cleaning all of Syria from terrorists.

Dr. Assad stated that the monstrous attacks in Sweida confirm the correctness of the state’s policy in fighting terror all over the country.

The Syrian President’s comments were made during receiving Russian President’s special envoy Lavrentiev and the delegation accompanying him.

Syrian President Bashar Assad Receives Russian President Putin Special Envoy to Syria Alexander Lavrentiev
Syrian President Bashar Assad Receives Russian President Putin Special Envoy to Syria Alexander Lavrentiev

President Assad confirmed that the crime committed in Sweida and its northeastern countryside proves that the countries sponsoring terror are trying to revive the terrorist organizations in order to continue using it for political gains. These attempts, President Assad added, will not succeed except in exploiting the resources of the people of those countries and in spilling more innocent blood.

The toll of yesterday’s ISIS massacre in Sweida city and its countryside has reached a terrifying score of 215 martyred and 180 wounded of civilians mostly women and children killed in their homes.

Such a coordinated attack by herds of ISIS terrorists wouldn’t be possible without direct and indirect support by government agencies, and the US illegal military base in Tanf on the Syrian – Jordanian – Iraqi borders not far from the attack can’t be innocent. This wave of terrorists launched their attacks against the Syrian southern city from their bases near the US military presence and from within the 55 kilometers perimeter the US military base set around for its own protection.

A large number of the attacking terrorists were killed while a number of them blew themselves up wherever they reached. One ISIS terrorist was stopped before blowing himself in the National Hospital of Sweida in a heroic act by the vigilant security of the hospital which avoided a catastrophe much worse than what already happened.

ISIS Terrorist Killed by SAA in Sweida
ISIS Terrorist Killed by SAA in Sweida

The Syrian government has constantly accused the US and its led coalition outside the United Nations of harboring and aiding terrorists and turning a blind eye away of the movements of, especially ISIS large groups, if not directly supervising and commanding these mainly foreign mercenaries. From the early days of the Syrian crisis, the US has worked hard to destabilize the Syrian state and to effect a ‘Regime Change’ it long has planned for resorting to all political, diplomatic, economic, and terror methods.

SAA Reinforcements Deployed Swiftly to Defend Sweida During the
SAA Reinforcements Deployed Swiftly to Defend Sweida During the ISIS Attack

The United Nations, Russia, the US State Department (imagine) among others condemned the heinous massacre committed by the ISIS terrorists, the United Nations, however, stated they don’t like killings, the Russians strongly condemned these atrocities, while the opportunist US called on sharing the power in Syria with foreign-based Syrian opposition that represents other terrorist groups in Syria, especially the already defeated ones!!

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