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Displaced Syrians in al-Zaatari Camp Complain of Poor Living Conditions, Demand to Return Back Home

Mar 08, 2013

AMMAN, (SANA) – A number of displaced Syrians located in al-Zaatari Camp in Jordan demanded that they be returned to their homeland or to be allowed to do so, complaining of tragic conditions and poor living conditions in the camp.

In statements to media outlets, the displaced Syrians said that the camp, which is located in a desert area near the city of al-Mafrak, lacks the basic components of decent life and isn’t serviced properly, with neglect causing a new fire on Friday in the camp, destroying around 35 tents.
One of the  displaced men said that fire trucks come without carrying any water, and ambulances come without carrying any oxygen tanks, which causes the death of people.

Meanwhile, a displaced woman said that she’s determined to return to Syria no matter what, while another man said that they’re treated like livestock in the camp, with inadequate food and water and diseases spreading among the camp’s occupants.

According to Jordanian news outlets, dozens of the people in the camps protested their living conditions.

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