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The Destruction of Egypt

Egypt Flag

Bleak days await Egypt, and ‘bleak‘ could be an ‘optimistic’ choice of a word here.

If you think what you are witnessing in Syria is a disaster, what you will witness in Egypt would be times worse especially if the Egyptians try to defend themselves, as what Syrians are doing since more than 26 months now.

The key word in all the ‘Arab Spring’ effected countries is the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’, a radical movement using religion to promote evil political goals for the interests of its founders.

The organization founded in 1928 in Egypt and branched into other Muslim countries has a public goal to instill Quran and Sunnah, prophet Muhammad’s teachings and way of life, as the main source of legislation and even daily conduct, and their way to achieve their goal is by violence. What is even more dangerous to secular countries in imposing any teaching by violence are the covert goals.

Before getting into the covert goals it’s quite important, yet interesting, to know that this particular movement has branches in Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Afghanistan, Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Palestine, Yemen, Libya and many other countries, wherever Islamic communities exist, this group moves in with abundant finance especially from oil states in the Gulf and especially Qatar & Saudi Arabia, and of course no lack of prepared clerics. What’s more interesting to focus on is this group’s very strong ties with its British enablers, then Germans during WWII then the Brits again with the Americans, French and others. Wherever this group opens a branch there’s trouble ensuing.

Map of Egypt
Map of Egypt

The group follows a mixture of ideologies based mainly on Wahhabism and believe it or not Zionism. A strict and sometimes twisted understanding of Islam, the holy Quran and the prophet’s teaching while adopting racial and extremism practices used by Zionists in achieving their goals. Everybody else is an enemy and should be eliminated, there’s no tolerance for difference in opinions and there’s no mercy against those who differ. The main enemies of the Muslim Brotherhood are secular countries and statehood. National Armies and police forces are considered ‘infidels’ and should be killed, even by suicide bombings. Prophet Muhammad did warn about such groups that would surface from time to time in the Islamic nations, he called them ‘Khawarij’ or ‘Outlaws’.

Al-Qaeda is one of the military arms of the Muslim Brotherhood in Afghanistan, Mujahideen is another variable used in the same country, so is Taliban. Vanguard Fighters was the name of their militia in Syria in the first wave of violence (1976 – 1982). Boko Haram is fighting under the same ideology in Nigeria, Ansar Dine in Mali, Abu Sayyaf in Philippines.. Now, FSA or Free Syrian Army in Syria which forms the umbrella where all the fanatic fighters would work under, last estimate by the United Nations special envoy to Syria Lakhdar Ibrahimi was 40,000 foreign fighters, i.e. Mujahideen operating under the name of Nusra Front. All dots concerning the Muslim Brotherhood were connected in Syria, especially after the Nusra Front submitted allegiance to Al-Qaeda in Iraq called Islam State of Iraq, which in turn pledges allegiance to Ayman Zawahri, the head of Al-Qaeda presumably stationed in Afghanistan and who was a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

After the above preface we can discuss the covert goals of the Muslim Brotherhood organization knowing that it was founded by the Brits and sponsored by NATO member states, it’s easy to figure its line of business doesn’t deviate from NATO’s line of business, despite the huge difference in the method used and the public declared enmity between ‘western states’ and ‘radical movements’.

September 11 attacks against the Trade Center in New York in the year 2001 was allegedly carried out by 19 cavemen coming from the mountains of Tora Bora and Qandahar in Afghanistan by their own, and since we don’t like ‘conspiracy theories’ we’ll skip this part and look at the ensuing War on Terror launched by former US president George W. Bush and his shadow Tony Blair, the former prime minister of the United Kingdom. That ‘War on Terror’ has caused the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the destruction of those two countries to rubble, killing hundreds of thousands of human beings from the attacked countries and thousands of the attacking forces, and the stealing of the riches of the two victim states. In other words, an attack carried out by a Muslim Brotherhood group resulted in the attack of NATO against the countries presumably where the culprits came from.

‘War on Terror’ was used recently in France’s invasion of Mali proceeded with attacks by members of ‘radical Islamist Jihadists’ against a secular sovereign state and France came to the rescue. The United States current president continues the ‘War on Terror’ by drones taking out lives of scores of people in each ‘attack against a terrorist’, whom happens to be a member of a group that eventually belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Fast forward moving to Egypt and skipping Syria, the War on Terror is in the make there, false-flag operations are carried out by members believed to be affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and their attacks are claimed to be a retaliation until the Muslim Brotherhood ousted ‘legitimate’ president Morsi is returned to power. Sinai is witnessing deadly attacks against police stations, army posts and recently against Christian priests and monasteries, nothing comes out spontaneously in politics, such attacks need weapons and logistics, successful attacks need better weapons and better logistics. It also needs media and political covers. Everything is very much available to these groups.

Knowing that the Egyptian Army receives an annual $1.3 billion in aid from the United States, and seeing the US president defending the ‘democracy’ in Egypt that brought ousted Morsi to power in the country and noting how western powers, mainly from active NATO member states, are issuing confusing statements signaling support to the Muslim Brotherhood and calling on the Army to involve it in any power sharing in the future despite the violent reaction the group members demonstrated to the extend of throwing kids off a roof top, slaying priests, lynching people, shooting at the Army, attempts to break in army posts all over the country, chaos spreading and vowing to launch Jihad, leads to one conclusion: The west is only after severe ‘creative chaos’ in Egypt.

The following video clip by ‘StormCloudsGathering’ explains a bit of what happened in Egypt over the past 2 years:

There’s one thing very important missing in the above video report and really no idea why it’s not emphasized on which is ‘Israel’. It’s no secret that the western countries has taken on their shoulders the well being of the ‘state of Israel’ even on the account of their own citizens and their own national interests, the US for example grants Israel a whooping amount of $8.2 billion a year while its own citizens suffer from the continued calls on reducing the spending and mainly on education, healthcare and infrastructure..! But what’s further hypocrite is the stance western ‘democracies’ show towards human rights, they totally forget the Palestinian people as a whole inside occupied Palestine and across the planet, and if that’s not enough, the recent full support to establish an apartheid state over the land of Palestine for Jews only, they call it ‘the Jewish state of Israel’.

Beside such hypocrisy the world used to by the evil powers of the west, to achieve a ‘Jewish’ state where only Jews would live will require expelling all non-Jews from the land, about 5 million Palestinians would be added those already in exile and there is one place that is not tapped and can be used for such expulsion: Sinai Peninsula desert where Jihadists are paving the way there now. Jordan is already saturated and the work by the Muslim Brotherhood branch there is non-stop to turn it into a substitute nation for Palestinians already living there in exile. Syria hosts over 600 thousand Palestinians. Lebanon and Egypt cannot take more, the first due to lack of land and the latter due to the enormous population.

We skipped Syria in the discussion as the initial plan to destroy the country and divide it into a number of enclaves is failing, each of those emirates was supposed to be ruled by a fanatic Muslim Brotherhood ’emir’ who follows the ‘Supreme Guide’ of the organization who was supposed to be the Turkish Ottoman Sultan wannabe Erdogan for enclaves created in Aleppo, Idleb, Raqqa, Der Ezzor and parts of Latakia, north east of Syria would be granted to Kurdistan to establish an ethnic based state, isolated Damascus emirate would be a Sunni ethnic statelet by its own after slaughtering the minorities there, Suweida & Quneitra in the south would form a Druze ’emirate’ and of course parts of the Syrian coast would be separated and an Alawite ethnic ’emirate’ would be formed there. Lebanon would be split into a few pieces, the first attempt failed when Qatari backed Wahhabi cleric Ahmad Assir killed about 18 Lebanese Army soldiers and fled his ‘security quarter’, but that doesn’t mean Lebanon is safe at all. And looking at the full picture again we would see the Levant divided into a number of ethnic-based enclaves with militias fighting between each other after dissolving the armies, remember Muslim Brotherhood consider armies as ‘infidels’ and should be killed, and a larger ethnic-based state with super military power would be dominating the vast reserves of oil and natural gas discovered recently with western powers pumping all their nations’ capabilities to secure the new map.

Meanwhile, the United States keep on fueling the conflict in Egypt by supporting both sides of it, the Egyptian Army with more military aid and instructing its ‘allies’ in the Gulf to grant large sums of money to the Egyptian state with the military pulling its strings, $12 billion since the ouster of Morsi and counting, and the Muslim Brotherhood on the other hand with a human power base counting up to 2 million and a financial support by, again, the US allies in the Gulf but mainly this time Qatar and wealthy individuals from other countries. US Navy, Israeli military and herds of Jihadists are to ensure the destruction of the Egyptian Army and the killing of tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Jihadists the Muslim Brotherhood have grown in Egypt.

Egyptian Conflict in the Making

The ‘desired’ result of the Egyptian Crisis cooked will result in 1) Slicing Sinai Peninsula out of Egypt and creating a state for the new wave of Palestinians expelled from their homes. 2) Weakening the Egyptian Army to the extent it’s not capable of defending the nation after stretching it from the south of the large country all the way to the north to fight terror. 3) Taking control of the Suez Canal after a couple of vessels crossing the canal might be attacked by ‘terrorists’ and the need to ‘secure’ the vital international water crossing. 4) Carving out a piece of north of Egypt to create an enclave for the Copts, the Christians in Egypt. 5) Slicing another piece in the south where radicals would rule and secure water supplies to those in Sinai and to the ‘Jewish state of Israel’.

The Egyptian Army in its current composition and leadership cannot avoid such a scenario as planned since its main commanders are very much involved in carrying out this scenario, most of which have direct and strong relations with the United States Pentagon starting with General al-Sisi who himself was appointed by the ousted president Morsi last year, and just 2 months ago the current ‘interim president’ Adly Mansour was also appointed by the ousted Morsi as the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court in Egypt just a few days after the Qussayr battle near Homs was won by the Syrian Arab Army. The failure of the plan assigned to the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria has set the dominos to fall in the reverse order after the ‘fascinating’ success of the ‘Arab Spring’ in all its previous chapters: Tunisia, Libya, Yemen (on the way to division as well), and the plan was supposed to include Algeria and already embattled Iraq.

The ironic part of this evil plan is the division of the countries financing it and the redrawing of their maps, Saudi Arabia will be the biggest loser seeing its land cut into 3, at least, a Shiite ethnic based state in the east that would swallow Bahrain and overlook the oil fields in the east, a Sunni state in the west controlling the holy cities of Mecca & Madina, and a Wahhabi state in the desert in the center, not to forget a considerable crunch would be given in the south to of current Saudi Arabia to the new northern Yemen that would be created and would be Shiite, mainly.

It is imperative that the Syrian Arab Army concludes its victories over the western backed terrorists all over the country, securing Syria as a secular state to give a moral push to the national and secular forces in Egypt in their struggle to void the planned war between 2 million suicide Jihadists from the Muslim Brotherhood in the country and a 1 million, half active half reserve, armed forces, a crisis that would dwarf the Syrian one.

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