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Islamist Domino Working In Reverse Effect – Egypt’s Day

Morsi Out Plane

They came fast, they came as parasites over real people’s demands, they reached power in no time, they turned their rule into a worst dictatorship than who they replaced, they caused the killings of tens of thousands of their own people, they created deep cracks in their societies on sectarian basis.

They are the anti-Islamic Islamist groups in their different names, they work for the same goal:

control sovereign countries, distort Islam from within and then ignite the sectarian civil war, the worse of its kind in the countries they reached power in. Today, the great people of Egypt managed to flip the first piece of the domino.

It occurred days after the Qatari Emir passed the reign to his son, ‘democratically‘. Qatar was the gas station to fuel all the Islamist movements in the Arab world and beyond.

Morsi out, might need a different airliner company though.
Morsi out, might need a different airliner company though.

Some estimates put the numbers of Egyptians who took to the streets at 33 million, the biggest number of participants in any political activity in human’s history ever, for 3 days on the streets in an organized and relatively very peaceful protests Egyptians ousted the main important piece of domino.

There are Syria links though. Less than one month earlier the Syrian Arab Army set the ground for the reverse domino effect when in a remarkable victory over the NATO backed terrorists they liberated Al-Qussayr city on June 05, 2013. NATO camp and their regional stooges went into chaos, all masks dropped and western officials calling on Syrian Arab Army to stop achieving victories over the terrorists, but calls went into deaf ears, of course.

The second Syria link is when the ‘democratically’ ‘elected’ president of Egypt gathered herds of anti-Islamic Wahhabi Islamist clerics in a stadium on June 15, 2013 to declare cutting diplomatic ties with Syria and allow the clerics to declare holy war ‘Jihad’ against Syria and put the Egyptian Army in a position against the Syrian people, forcing Egyptian Army to issue a statement next day denouncing Morsi’s call and stating clearly their refusal to fight Syria. However, one of the results of the stadium gathering was the lynching and torching of a Shia cleric Hassan Shahatah and his family in Egypt itself by over 3,000 persons mob based on the sectarian incitement from the speeches in the stadium.

The Muslim Brotherhood took 84 years of organizing and hard work till the day they reached power in Egypt and took one year only to lose everything. Instead of working out a negotiated settlement, the Muslim Brotherhood group declared Jihad against own people and own army, thus costing them the entire history unless some miracle happens.

Arab Spring
Arab Spring

What’s more important is the domino effect will not stop in Egypt.

Tunisian opposition managed to gather 175,000 signatures in their version of Tammarod, the campaign that managed to gather Egyptians and oust their despot signaling a free fall of the Islamist rule in that once very secular country.

Turks must be feeling the momentum, so does Erdogan and his regime who decided to stop working on the Gezi Park, might be too late. Syrian Arab Army is taking care of the Syrian chapter of the rise of anti-Islamic Islamist groups. Lebanese Army sustained high losses when eliminating one part of the Lebanese chapter, but it will take much more sacrifices to clean their country from this lesion. Who’s next?

Islamist Caliph wannabe Erdoğan
Islamist Caliph wannabe Erdoğan

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