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Darayya Returning to Life, More than a Thousand Families are Back

Darayya Returning to Life

More than a thousand families have returned to the city of Darayya in Damascus southwestern countryside, 125 shops and workshops reopened.

Marwan Obeid, the head of the city’s executive council gave a brief to Syria’s News Agency SANA about the situation in the city and the current developments.

The city was a focal point of NATO-sponsored terror when it was invaded by hundreds of heavily armed Wahhabi ideologized terrorists in the early days of the US-waged War of Terror against the country.

Darayya’s residents were among the first Syrians introduced to the level of evil among the foreign ‘freedom fighters’ who invaded their city. One of the first massacres was committed in the city and survivors’ stories left Syrians in a state of shock and at the same time awoke many of them who were still under the impression of the unicorn ‘peaceful protests’. The city had a population of 250,000 inhabitants before the crisis.

The Syrian Armed Forces with their allies cleaned Darayya from terrorists in August 2016, the destruction left by the terrorists was massive, all the infrastructure destroyed, underground tunnels were rigged with explosives, houses were booby-trapped by the terrorists to cause maximum killings even after their defeat.

Cleaning Darayya in Damascus countryside
Cleaning Darayya in Damascus countryside

Darayya’s residents are returning to their city slowly but gradually as municipal work continues despite the hardship caused by Western and regional imposed sanctions, and as the houses are getting rehabilitated with the help of local community societies.

6 power substations have been installed in the city, the streets are continuously being cleared from rubble, the local main state-subsidized bakery is being restored with a capacity of up to 6 tonnes daily, it is expected to be ready within 3 months, for now, the residents receive their bread from the capital Damascus, which is 8 kilometers far to the north.

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