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Erdogan Terrorists on Terror Frenzy in Tal Abiad and in Aleppo City

Erdogan terrorists bomb Aleppo market with mortars

At least 19 civilians were killed and others injured in a car explosion in the center of the occupied city of Tal Abiad, northern Raqqa countryside, and two others injured by mortars in the Nile Street Market in the city of Aleppo.

Eyewitnesses from the city of Tal Abiad reported that at least 19 civilians were killed and unidentified others were injured when a rigged with explosives detonated in the city’s main market.

The large explosion caused material damage in the area. The regime of Erdogan hastily accused the Kurdish dissolved separatist SDF militia for the explosion.

However, if it was not for the Turkish invasion and the Turkish evil interference in Syria hundreds of thousands of Syrians would not have faced any harm and were still living among us, Syria was top of the list of safe countries in the whole world before NATO using Erdogan unleashed the world’s largest terrorist army to ‘spread democracy’ in the Syria financed and armed by the world’s most authoritarian regimes of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey.

Tal Abiad is a border town with Turkey, it was occupied by Erdogan forces and terrorists loyal to the Turkish pariah during the latest Turkish aggression after the Kurdish separatist militia fled the city without fight and without agreeing to handover the control of the city to the Syrian state, leaving its people to experience hellish living conditions under the anti-Islamic medieval brain-minded loyalists to the Muslim Brotherhood head of NATO member state Turkey. This explosion and other terrorist acts are what to expect from NATO terrorists like these.

The bombing on Nile Street hit the ‘Fatat Yateemah’ Market and injured a young boy and a woman who were buying bread at the local bakery. The mortars shelling caused material damage to houses, cars, and shops as well.

Erdogan’s Terror in Aleppo

Simultaneously, terrorists loyal to the Turkish pariah Erdogan positioned in the northwest of Aleppo bombed a market street in the city with mortars.

Watch this video report by Syria’s Ikhbariya news channel:

The video is also available on BitChute:

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