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Daraa: Weapons Unearthed Left Behind by NATO’s ‘Peaceful Protesters’

Weapons and munition found in Daraa southern Syria

Daraa, Syrian law enforcement authorities unearthed one more warehouse loaded with weapons and advanced munition left behind by NATO-sponsored terrorists in the southern Syrian province.

With the help of the locals, the law enforcement authorities busted a number of hideouts used by Al Qaeda ‘peaceful protesters’ in the al-Lajat Badia and in the eastern countryside of Daraa and found a depot of assorted weapons and munition which were used by the ‘peaceful protesters’ to ‘throw flowers and roses at the Syrian army and Syrian civilians’ as per the US’s Pentagon propagandists.

The video is also available on YouTube and BitChute.

The cache found includes light and medium weapons, mortar shells, tanks chargers, Malyutka, and Konkurs missiles, in addition to amounts of various kinds of ammunition. Our readers would realize that all of these are lethal and widespread killing tools, contrary to what US and European official and their propagandist claim that they supported Al Qaeda Levant as ‘unlethal aid’ paid for by their taxpayers, and weapons, in general, are costly, smuggling them through a number of countries and then into Syria through the open desert is more costly.

We wonder whether the US, British, German, French, and other European taxpayers are satisfied with the outcome of their investment in terrorism in Syria? The grandchildren of the medieval Crusaders have advanced in most fields except in humanity.

Ever since the ‘peaceful protesters’ of Al Qaeda and its affiliated groups were defeated, tons of their weapons and munition were found to the extent the Syrian Arab Army’s engineering corps ran out of warehouses to store them and are blowing up these findings in contained areas turning them into scrap metal for recycling, almost on daily basis.

Daraa province borders the British protectorate Jordan which acted as a hub in the south of Syria to host and train terrorists and smuggle them with their weapons and drugs into Syria from the southern long open borders, this is in addition to NATO member state Turkey in the north, Lebanon in the west, and occupied Iraq in the east. Most weapons depots found are hidden near the borders with one of these countries.

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