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Daraa: Biden’s White House ‘Inclusive’ Junta Escalates Terrorist Attacks

4 terrorist attacks in Daraa City in 1 week

Biden’s terrorists in the southern Syrian province of Daraa carried out at least four terrorist attacks in the past week, material damage was reported from the attacks without casualties.

An explosion was heard in the northern ‘Shamal Al-Khat’ neighborhood of the city of Daraa opposite the train railway. An IED (Improvised Explosive Device – roadside bomb) detonated in the agricultural near the 16 October Roundabout.

No human casualties from the explosion that was heard all over the city of Daraa, it took place at the time the students were heading to their schools for their exams, the law enforcement is investigating the incident.

This follows another explosion a couple of days earlier in the same area which was also caused by an IED detonated, the explosion caused material damage.

On Sunday, 30th of May, earlier this week, an IED was detonated in the same neighborhood ‘Shamal Al-Khat’ (which literally means north of the railway), the bomb was placed in a garbage bin.

On Saturday, 29th of May, a roadside bomb was detonated not far from the Military Recruitment Center opposite the City Hall in the same area.

On the 26th of May, the day of the presidential election in Syria, another IED was detonated near the elementary school not far from the governor’s residence in the same neighborhood.

On the 22nd of May, a week earlier, an explosion from a bomb planted in a car at the Jileen Residences Roundabout in Daraa eastern countryside, the explosion destroyed the vehicle (featured image above) with no casualties reported.

These consecutive small explosions are meant to spread fear among the civilians and give them a sense of insecurity, some of them might also be targeting certain individuals but due to the tightened security measures the terrorists are just blowing up their explosives to continue with their panic campaign. Obviously, this is in line with the frustration expressed by the top officials in Biden’s ‘inclusive and diverse’ junta who criticized the Syrian presidential election and said they would not recognize its outcome before it took place, however, their recognition is not required by the Syrian constitution.

The Biden’s junta at the White House never hid its hatred toward the Syrian people ever since Biden’s two terms between 2008 and 2016 using Obama as a face then playing the hallow orange balloon for four years by controlling the ‘deep state’ and giving the impression to the orange man he’s in control.

Biden’s hatred toward the people of the Levant, especially of Syria due to his Zionist beliefs, has been demonstrated by the double-faced policies especially regarding the Syrian file publicly ignoring the file while on the ground the oil and wheat theft has increased with the help of the Kurdish SDF who became bolder in their targeted killing of the Syrian people where Biden forces are deployed illegally.

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