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Report: Britain Sent Weapons Worth $30 Million to Terrorists in Syria

Mar 10, 2013

 LONDON, (SANA) – In new evidence of Britain’s involvement in financing the armed terrorist groups in Syria, the British Daily Star Sunday paper revealed that Britain has sent secret shipment of weapons worth 20 million sterling pound, equivalent to 30 million USD to what it called “rebels” in Syria.
The paper said that the weapons included assault rifles, machine guns, grenades, anti-tank rockets, rocket pad, rockets launchers and ammunition which were stored in neighboring countries and enough to arm 1000 members of “Syrian opposition”, adding that this development coincides with the announcement of the British Foreign Minister William Hague last Wednesday that Britain will provide” Syrian opposition “with armored vehicles and body armor.

The paper quoted a government source that the weapons were sent seven week ago as part of a plan drawn up by ministry of Defense top brass to transport weapons worth 1 million sterling pound every day to the Syrian rebels.

The source added that the decision of delivering these weapons will be taken in the next 6 weeks, pointing out that some weapons have been delivered to the” Syrian rebels” across Saudi Arabia and Qatar who bought large amounts of weapons.


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