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brahimi desperate want resign


European sources have recently confirmed the claims saying that Al Ibrahimi wants to resign from his job as a representative to the UN in Syria.

He says he is desperate and he cant find a solution, its out of my hands or any ones .

However the sources confirmed also his request being told to UN Chief Ban Ki-moon, noting that this may be one of the few times unlike previous times, any state or side  try to dissuade him  from his decision.

Now the challenge lies on finding for Brahimi a successor , who can be accepted by the Arab League, the Security Council and the UN, the sources said.

They suggested it could me a person from Arab Maghreb countries ,on the other hand former Tunisian foreign minister, Kamal Marjan, was nominated for this post , however Tunis refused, according to the sources.

Also did morocco refused to chose any of its diplomats to be nominated as a successor for Brahimi.

Therefore the Algerian troubleshooter’s successor should be Mauritanian or Libyan, and in the meantime there is no figure to hold this position.

Al Ibrahimi knows well that finding a successor of his is hard and can make the situation worse so that is why he didn’t issue a statement saying when he will resign.

The sources also pointed out that discussions over whether to hold Geneva III or not are likely to take place after the Syrian presidential elections, something that pushes the date of the international conference to the next fall because of the holy month of Ramadan and the summer vacation in West.




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