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EU: The Arming of Terrorists in Syria is currently no Topic

Geneva, Switzerland

The member states of the European Union (EU) are currently not interested to resume the talks on arming the terrorists and ground forces of the so-called (staged) external Syrian opposition, as it was scheduled before. The statement came from a diplomatic source at the European Council.

According to the report by the Italian news agency Aki, which quoted the diplomatic source from the European Council, the member states of the European Union (EU) were once very enthusiastic about sending weapons and “military aid” into the hands of the terrorists fighting in Syria against the secular government in Damascus, but the governments of the EU member states lately became very silent in regards of this topic due to the reason that the stances of the member states, which oppose the delivery of arms into the hands of jihadists and terrorists, have not changed.

Of course, the diplomatic source, quoted in the Italian news agency Aki, spoke on the condition of anonymity. Everything else would have been very stupid by him.

This source further said, according to the report by the Italian news agency Aki, that the European Union (EU) still hopes for a political solution in terms of the Syrian conflict and that it seeks joint international efforts in order to make this happen and to reach a political solution to the crisis and conflict in the Arab nation.  The only question is if this is really the truth for all European governments.

This source further pointed out that only a political solution is able to end the violence in Syria, while he also mentioned that such a solution won`t be easy to achieve. It is to mention that the European Union has often worked in counterproductive manners since the start of the Syrian conflict in terms of a political solution for the crisis in Syria.

The sanctions, the ban on air travels from European soil to Syria (direct flights) and further measures by the member states of the European Union (EU) were counterproductive to reach a political solution for Syria or to end the Syrian conflict. A lot of Syrians are finally convinced that a military solution on ground is the only left possibility to really bring an end to the terrorism and violence in the country.

The source of the Italian news agency finally said that the ministers of the European Union (EU) will be listening to a report submitted by the so-called High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Catherine Ashton, on the developments in Syria on Monday.

Geneve, Switzerland
Geneve, Switzerland

Meanwhile, the Iranian lawmaker Abbas Rajaee said in an official statement that the upcoming Geneva 2 conference will hit a dead-end if Iran is not allowed to participate in this next conference on Syria in Geneva.

The Iranian lawmaker Abbas Rajaee further said that the Western states try to obstruct the presence of Iran in the Geneva 2 conference and that the conflict and crisis within Syria is first a regional issue and thus, only the participation of all influential regional players (Middle East) can bring back stability to Syria.

The lawmaker confirmed that the Islamic Republic of Iran still believes that a diplomatic solution and political approaches is the only way to end the terrorism and conflict within Syria.

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  1. Arklight

    Politicians are the same, no matter where they’re from; if they are not directly involved in the letting and shedding of blood, well, they don’t have to be REALLY concerned – – their kid won’t be killed on the way to or from school; their wives won’t be slaughtered in the market. The way I see the solution to the Syrian crises is, ‘Last man standing wins.” If there’s enough money offered by the weapons manufacturers, the EU politicians will come round, don’t worry.


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