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“Alawites – to Their Graves!” – US and Al Qaeda Join Together in Combat Under Same Banner

Syria / Maloula / Maaloula

The Washington strategists are in a difficult situation. The resources for manipulating international public opinion on the events in Syria are about to be exhausted. It’s a long time since the Obama administration stopped talking about the projects for Syria’s further development.

The President sees no point in resorting to the pretext of «punishing Damascus for the use of chemical weapons» anymore before he pulls the trigger. The masquerade is over, no masks are needed anymore. A military intervention is in works to render direct US support to Al Qaeda.

The Syrian Alawites are to be the main target. The Syria’s «liberators» predict that the fate of Muammar Gaddafi is awaiting Bashar Assad, the most renowned person in the Alawite ranks.

The Washington’s Party of war has adroitly blown the fire by pouring fuel on the Sunni-Shiite (Sunni-Alawite) bloody strife affecting the Middle East. The conflict is growing. The United States has embarked on the path of taking a side while the events unfold in the direction of genocide against the Alawite religious minority in Syria.

The slogan «Alawites – to their graves!» hits the black banners of Al Qaeda as well the stars and stripes flag in the Oval room of the White House where the presence of George Bush Jr. is still felt.

As President he had a dream of reshaping the boundaries of all twenty four Muslim states of the world. We have already seen it in Yugoslavia. As a result of NATO intervention, the former Yugoslavia, a single state of southern Slavs, was split along the religious-ethnic lines (Croats-Catholics, Orthodox Serbs, Bosnian Muslims). The same kind of state dismemberment is being cooked up for Syria now.

A relatively stable political system was established under the rule of Hafez Assad and his son Bashar. Back then the religious divisions were to large extent mitigated by the ideology of national self-identity. The Syrian nationals saw themselves as the citizens first, and only then as Arabs or Kurds, Sunni, Alawites or Druze.

According to United Nations data, the population of the country was 20,8 million people in 2011 representing 33 ethnic groups. The Arabs prevailed comprising Syrian Arabs, (over 14 million), Arab Najdi Bedouins (1,59 million), Palestinian Arabs (0,59 million), Lebanese Arabs (0,13 million) and some smaller diasporas from northern Iraq, Jordan, Levantine Bedouin.

Kurds are the second largest ethnic group in Syria (at least 10 percent of total population). Syrian Sunni Arabs, including Kurds, make up over 70 percent of the country’s populace. The other roughly about 20 percent falls on Shiites, who account for 10 – 15 percent of population, and Druzes, who also speak Arabic (North Levantine dialect).

The remaining approximate 10 percent, perhaps even a bit more, falls on Christians. Sunni preachers normally understate the figures for Alawite population saying they are no more than 1,5 percent. In reality the number is by far bigger or around three million.

They are the native population of the country historically settled down in the areas of compact residence. The Alawites reside in the territories of three states: the north of Lebanon (Tripoli suburbs), the Syrian Mediterranean shore and the area around the Turkish city of Iskenderun. After the Ottoman Empire collapsed in 1918, Syria fell under French mandate and became a confederation of three states, the Alawite state with the centre in Latakia came into existence along with Damascus and Aleppo. It was relatively independent during almost ten years.

The Western invaders will stick to the old colonial boundaries as a basis for new dismemberment of the country. The planned air strike is destined to create the prerequisites for Syria’s would-be division. The Syrian government forces have recently focused on protecting the corridor from Damascus to the Alawites populated mountain areas. The route is stretched along the Mediterranean shoreline, where the port Tartus, the Russian Navy facility, is situated. It functions normally in everyday life, routine mode (it was Western media that spread around rumours about Russians leaving the supply and maintenance base).

Until now, there has been no reason to expect a breakthrough by the militants into the Alawites populated areas but the air strike planning includes the mission of clearing the way for launching a mass offensive launched by mercenaries to get to Latakia, Tartus and Baniyas. Then the 3 million Alawite community is in for nothing else but genocide…

Today the city of Homs is frequently mentioned in Syrian war news reports. It is an obstacle on the way of armed gangs trying to make it to the seashore. The suburban villages have become «hot spots» like fortified areas defended by regular troops as well as the National Defence Force units. The Saint George Orthodox monastery has been recently attacked by militants.

Syria / Maloula / Maaloula
Syria / Maloula / Maaloula

It’s a historic Antiochian Orthodox temple situated in the western part of the country. It was built in the IV century. 11Christian fighters died there to prevent the desecration. Each and every day brings new examples of Christians and Alawites fighting shoulder to shoulder defending their homeland and their lawful right to live there – the right the outside mercenaries and their Western sponsors try to encroach on.

The militants believe the Syrian Christians are to be eliminated as infidels. Wahhabis believe the Shiite Muslims (Alawites) are infidels too. Coming from outside, mercenaries have come to do their own thing on foreign soil, so the two million Kurds are also not «ours» Muslims, though they don’t belong to the Shiite branch of Islam.

And, finally, the dismemberment of Syria inevitably leads to the collapse of Lebanon’s statehood, the country which is the second largest homeland for Druzes (they make up around half a million of the country’s population), as well as home to large Christian and Alawite communities since ancient times.

As the recent data shows, the terrorist international includes mercenaries from over 80 countries which are hired to wage war against Syria and go on a rampage on its soil. This army of hirelings’ works for the implementation of the US-backed Greater Middle East project aimed at total restructuring of state boundaries in the space extending from Libya to Pakistan.

What next step Barack Obama, the militants’ sponsor, is going to take? Perhaps that’s what he is going to tell the world about at the G20 summit?

Author: Nikolay Bobkin

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  1. AH

    A few weeks ago I saw a map of post-war divisions along ethnic lines. I cannot post a link as it was part of a presentation and I did not ask for a source. Anyway, the map basically confirms what is written above. Al-Quaeda, though, was not given any political role and I guess that will be the reason for them to further wreck havoc among civilians in Syria as revenge for being left out of any future political solution. Same as Iraq basically.
    Ref the Christians in Syria – their number is certainly much higher than officially stated. During any census, many Christians gave Islam as their religion because of fear of possible future problems; you never know… Similarly, Jews in Damascus opted to check off Christianity as their religious affiliation, for similar reasons.
    I am not sure if it fair to talk about any future breakup of Syria, but that’s what is probably even on the agenda in backdoor negotiations with Russia. I can imagine a loose union-state consisting of several independent but loosely affiliated regions, again – Iraq or Malaysia as a model. Russia will not give up Tartus, that is clear. The thugs have firm grip on most of the Euphrates valley. The Kurds will finally get back their territory, once support for Al Quaeda dries up (that is, when the govt in Damascus is toppled by US & Co). Damas and Aleppo may be like Beirut – big cities with completely separated communities. Politics – similar to Lebanon, Sunni president, Christian PM. Constitution secular, with religious “realities” in each region. Aleppo controlled by Turkey, Damascus with Lebanon as live line, Tartus to Latakia independent like Jounieh – Jbail in Lebanon, the Euphrates valley falling back into Middles Ages when Armenians and intellectuals all leave (are there any left?). Leaves open only one question: who will take care of overall security? Militias? A new Sunni-US-backed force? Ethnicities on their own? A religious wahabi police force? Most opposition Syrians have already realised that the honey days of economic freedom, subsidised diesel, cheap electricity, freedom of travel and national pride are over, forever. Not those who remained with Assad or silent will face desperation in future – those who stood up against their government and joined the thugs will see nothing of their dreams. Why? Because this bunch of ragtag thugs is unable to govern even a street in a village, so how will they run a province, state or country? Welcome to your nightmare! And the Alawites, Druze, Shia and Christians, Kurds, Armenians? They will prosper again bc their history is a history of culture and achievement leading to prosperity. Not religious fanaticism without any goals but being martyred for non-existng virgjns in HELL.

  2. Arklight

    Good post, AH. In the article, it was stated that the Russian base at Tartus was operating normally and that the military had not been relieved and replaced with a civilian caretaker unit. This was carried in news spots, but I don’t recall any of them being US, although Guardian may have carried it. Due to the proximity of jihadi forces in the area the exchange sounded plausible, but at the same time (or just a bit earlier, if I recall correctly) there was a squib about the Russian 42 Motor Rifle Division being deployed to Syria; that little note was not repeated, but the 42nd has ‘disappeared’, and my thinking at the time was that the ‘civilian caretakers’ might well be the 42nd, put in place on the Q.T. Now it turns out that SAA has artillery on the mountains west of Damascus, which is a new thing, I think, so has the 42nd been quietly at work in the mountains? We do know that the 42nd was re-organized, re-equipped and retrained in the new format of all volunteer troops and professional NCOs and officers. The new divisions, as I understand it, are only nominal, being actually about a regiment, reinforced, but the retraining turned ’em hard core. Anyway, do you know anything about the 42nd? Also, about the same time there was a small article about a regiment of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard being deployed to Syria – – this was at about the same time that the Iranian Navy was due to come in to Lattakia for the purposes of building an Iranian naval base; no news lately about either the Iranian Navy in regards to Lattakia, nor of the Iranian force. If either the Russians, Iranians or both have troops in Syria at Syria’s invitation and even one of ’em gets so much as a scratch, the game would change, toot sweet. Anyway, any info from your end?


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