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al halqi to russian delegation syria is facing global war

Mar 18, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA)_Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi hailed the deep Syrian-Russian relations in all fields, indicating that they are witnessing a continuous development in all fields.

During his meeting on Monday with a delegation of Russian journalists and analysts currently visiting Syria, al-Halqi expressed the Syrian government and people’s appreciation of Russia’s firm stance at international forums on the events in Syria, noting Russia’s rejection of all forms of foreign interference in the Syrian domestic affairs and its call for dialogue among the Syrians.

Premier al-Halqi said Syria has been facing a global war for two years that aims to weaken its pivotal role in the region and debilitate its army in service of Israel, affirming that the armed forces will continue to carry out their constitutional, ethical and national duty in protecting citizens and combating terrorism.
Al-Halqi reviewed the steps undertaken by the government for solving the crisis through the implementation of the political program, stressing that the government has made big strides towards launching the comprehensive national dialogue with the participation of the Syrians inside and outside Syria and through communication with all political, social and civil forces.

He added that the leadership in Syria is open to all initiatives aimed at solving the crisis politically in a way that guarantees Syria’s sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity.

Al-Halqi said the Syrian economy is robust and diverse, adding the government managed to realize self-sufficiency in food security over the past years and enhance the capabilities of the army, ”hence, the US and Israel consider Syria a roadblock hindering their projects in the region, that’s why they waged a brutal war on Syria to weaken and undermine its steadfastness.”

He added that the government will continue to provide the citizens’ needs despite the current conditions, adding that it is resolved to rehabilitate and rebuild what has been destroyed by the armed terrorist groups.

Al-Halqi said that the armed terrorist groups are targeting oil wells and lines, power transfer networks and centers, vandalizing hospitals, schools, health centers, worship places and public and private facilities. The members of the Russian delegation expressed support to Syria against the conspiracy targeting it that aims at undermining its national unity, calling upon the free world to back its steadfastness in the global war targeting it.

Al-Halqi: Government Working to Rebuild what has been Destroyed by Terrorist Groups
Dr. al-Halqi said that meetings with the youth inspire optimism and hope in a better future for Syria.
Al-Halqi’s remarks came during a meeting with a delegation representing the youth who staged a sit-in outside the Cabinet building to voice support for the political program for solving the crisis and rejection of foreign interference by Arab and foreign countries which is intended to fragment Syria and tear apart the unity binding the Syrians.

Later, Dr. al-Halqi presented a review of the Syrian economy and the vandalism acts targeting the economic, service and development facilities by armed terrorist groups, indicating that the government is working hard to rebuild what has been destroyed by the armed groups.

Al-Halqi said the Syrian currency is stable, affirming that the government has adopted a package of procedures to ensure its stability.
”In parallel, the ministerial committee tasked with implementing the political program is organizing meetings with representatives of all spectrum of the Syrian people, which have yielded visions and ideas enhancing dialogue,” al-Halqi added.

He hailed the Syrian armed forces who are confronting armed terrorist groups to restore security and stability to the homeland.For their part, the delegation members expressed appreciation of the government’s efforts that made economic steadfastness possible against all odds under extraordinary circumstances, affirming that the youth organizations will exert all efforts for consolidating the culture of dialogue. Al-Halqi affirmed that the challenges facing the government are uphill, yet it is capable of coping with them.

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