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4 Kurdish SDF Separatists Killed in Hasakah and Raqqa, in Northern Syria

US Military - Kurdish Separatist SDF Militia Illegal Cooperation Northeast of Syria

At least 4 more US-sponsored Kurdish SDF militiamen killed and several others injured in separate attacks in the provinces of Hasakah and Raqqa in the northeast and northern Syria during the past two days.

Two of the SDF militiamen were killed in a roadside bomb explosion in their vehicle as it passed by near the Rashid Public Park in the center of Raqqa City.

In a separate incident in the city of Shaddadi in the Hasakah southern countryside, northeast of Syria, a militiaman of the Kurdish SDF separatists was killed by gunshots fired by unknown armed men, nobody claimed responsibility for the attack, as usual.

An improvised explosive device (IED) was detonated near a Kurdish SDF checkpoint in the Zuhour neighborhood in the city of Qamishli, Hasakah province. The SDF militiamen instantly cordoned the area and imposed a complete media blackout to cover their losses.

One SDF member was killed by gunshots fired by unknown armed men the day earlier in the livestock market in the town of Markadah, in the Hasakah southern countryside, and on the same day in a separate attack, an IED was detonated in a vehicle of the Kurdish SDF militia while passing by the village of Dashishe East in the same region.

The US-sponsored Kurdish separatists have created many enemies for them among the locals and among the terrorist groups who they freed a large number of them instead of handing them over to the Syrian government for proper trials.

Separatist Kurdish SDF Militia work for the USA
Separatist Kurdish SDF Militia – Trump and Erdogan’s oil and wheat thieves partners. [Archive]

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Used and consumed by the USA against the people who hosted them and protected them for over a century from genocide by the Ottomans and this how they pay back, the US will trash them as soon as their roles are over.

  2. Huda Hajjar

    All traitors are hated at home and hated abroad and hated by their own handlers who recruit them then keep using them until they can’t provide any more services or they find someone willing to give them more, then they’ll eliminate them, and the Kurds know better about this yet there they are!

  3. thefreeonline

    As you know the SDF is a coalition of many militia groups, Kurdish, Arab, Syriac, Turkmen Christian, Yazidi, Women, etc.Raqqa and Tabqa are administered in the same way with a coalition of all these groups. So does not the SDF have a good right to defend Raqqa against an ISIS resurgence? In all your articles you always repeat the lie ”Kurdish SDF”. Does that just mean you are in the pay of the SAA… Syrian ARAB Army. As for the USA you know that they betrayed the SDF and let Erdogan and his mercenaries invade and ethnically ”cleanse” again, then forced the SDF to help them to police Deir Es Zor.

  4. Arabi Souri

    You know part of the news and you base on it. Obviously, you’ve read some of the other posts, have you read how the SDF burned the wheat fields? People from the same area do not burn their own food.

    You also seem to miss the link that automatically appears under each mention of the SDF in the posts, it’s the definition.

    Yes, they have elements not kurdish among them; the commanders are Kurds and the main ones not even Syrian Kurds, they come from the Iraqi Qandil mountains, their last concern is the Syrian Kurds.

    Those SDF militia work for the USA and under its protection, when the US says they’re leaving Syria, these separatists contact the Syrian government for negotiations on dismantling their military groups, when the US says they’re not leaving Syria, they get more hostile against the Syrian state.

    They introduced Israelis to the areas they control, Syrians don’t do that. They loot the oil under the US protection, even Trump said that, several times, Syrians do not do that. They’re displacing the locals with people from their own, Syrians do not do that. Again, they have elements of other Syrian ethnicities, the commanders are not.

    The USA always betrays whoever work for them, that’s nothing new, but didn’t you notice they’re playing as the luring bait so Erdogan can claim to his people he’s chasing them and invade more parts of Syria? And when it’s time to fight they flee, each time. In Afrin, the Syrian army went there to assist them after they gave all assurances they’ll fight, and instantly when the Turks and there terrorists came in they ran away leaving the back of the Syrian forces exposed. That’s their task, they’re changing the language in the region they control, the names of the towns, the education curriculum, they help Trump maintain his forces illegally in the country, those are not the acts of Syrians, not patriotic Syrians. The Syrian people fought terrorists of all nationalities including Syrian terrorists, will do the same with these as soon as the decision is taking by the SAA command, hopefully after the US elections and before year end.


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