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3 times 3 days


Its wasn’t far away, not even a day passed from the first suicide attack done by a Syrian (a traitor to Syria) in Dahr AL Baydar on a Lebanese searching point, did another suicide attack in southern Beirut, and a third just yesterday……Three days in a raw

However the first suicide attack we talked about it in a previous post, and now about the second attack if not of a brave young man hundreds would be dead.

It all started when an old  white Mercedes 300, white exactly stop in the middle of the rode next to a cafe where almost 200-300 where watching the World cup match (Brazil ). Few people stopped and they where told by the nervous but calm man in the car that the key broke and the car stopped.

However none though it was strange or weird enough to  be a suicide attacker, just when 2 security officer passed from there.

They stepped out of the car and asked the man, Abdel Karim Hodroj on the the 2 officials a 22 year old new the truth so he faced his gone to the man and waved to his friend to call the Lebanese army just few meters away.

Suddenly, everything went black to Abel karim, when a car rigged with 45 kg of explosives went BOOOOOOOM.

The good news only 1 martyr and 20 kg were not detonated, bad news we lost a great and a brave citizen

On the other hand,

suicide bomber blew himself up on the second floor of Duroy hotel in Raouche area, Beirut.

In details, the suicide bomber blew himself up while the General Security members were raiding the room of the suicide bomber in the hotel, security sources told Al-Manar.

The sources noted that another suicide bomber was apprehended before he blew himself up.

It was also revealed that the suicide bombers are Saudis.

Seven civilians and 4 members of the General Security were wounded as a result of the blast.

The sources added that the General Security members arrested a number of terrorists during the raid.

The National News Agency (NNA) mentioned that a booby-trapped suitcase was found in the surroundings of “Du Roy” Hotel in Raouche, Beirut.

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