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we can imagine countries being invaded by free speech promoters if they done s

We can imagine countries being invaded by 'free speech' promoters if they done such a thing?!

In July 2011 the infamous prince of Jihadists former US ambassador to Syria Robert S. Ford, and former ambassador to other countries that suffered from terror just after he was appointed there, made a visit to the central city of Hama and delivered what he said to be high-tech communication devices to enable the Alqaeda 'peaceful protesters' to communicate freely bypassing the Syrian state's official networks..

The regime of Barack Obama was harshly condemning the Syrian government for alleged claims of monitoring the communications of the 'peaceful protestors and activists' turned out to be non else than Alqaeda operatives, another CIA creation, and other claims of blocking social media sites to the extent that Qatar official spokes-station Aljazeera was intensively and heinously attacking the Syrian security agencies for false claims of monitoring Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts.

Now after almost 4 years from those events, the entire world knows that when the Syrian government opened up all social sites at the same time NATO member state Turkey and other regional stooges of the west were blocking them and monitoring them to the core, and now we know the leaders of the NATO camp US and UK were themselves doing what they falsely accused others of; who will stand with the citizens of those countries and provide them high-tech communication devices to bypass the security spying on own people agencies?!

​Snowden docs reveal mass cell phone hack through ‘Great SIM Heist’
Top secret documents previously provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden have revealed that the US and Britain broke into the network of the world’s largest SIM card maker to compromise global communications.

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