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unhcr chief calls for settlement to crisis in syria

Mar 15, 2013

BEIRUT, (SANA)_Chief of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Antonio Guterres warned of a regional explosion if the crisis in Syria continues to drag on, calling for a political solution to the crisis.

In a press conference in Beirut on Friday, Guterres said ”I believe there is a real threat of an explosion in the Middle East had the crisis in Syria to drag on,” adding that ”Then it won’t be possible to cope with the humanitarian, political and security challenges.”

Guterres urged the international community to intensify efforts for finding a solution to the crisis and offering help to those in need, indicating that ”This is not an ethical duty only, but is highly important for preserving world security and peace.”

He stressed that it is in everyone’s interest to find a solution and reach a political settlement, as well as deliver humanitarian aid to the Syrian people.


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