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Under Internal Pressure, the Tunisian Security Starts to Dismantle Networks Recruiting Jihadists and Sending them to Syria

AlChourouk a Tunisian newspaper had learned that Tunisian Security Agencies had started to dismantle networks involved in recruiting 100s of Tunisians men and sending them to Syria to fight against the Syrian Government.

One of the networks was active close to Carthage castle in the northern suburbs of the capital. Those networks had received $3000 for every recruit. Huge sums had come from Qatar. There are foreign reports that over twenty charitable and humanitarian societies were involved, some of them are members of the Tunisian Constituent Assembly.

Many Tunisians had joined the fight against the Syrian Government; this growing phenomenon held tragic consequences for many Tunisian families. Our country had turned from a place that exported scientific talents to one that exported Jihadists to countries that already follows Islam.

Tunisian Security had noticed a year ago the suspicious activities of Syrian extremists in many Tunisian mosques, especially during last Ramadan in coordination with charitable and humanitarian societies. They attracted newly religious or Salafi young men. Slowly they isolate them from their society & brainwash them. The societies use their poverty; promise them jobs in other Arab countries, like Libya or the Arab Gulf.

Once they leave Tunisia these men are isolated in camps at the Sahara triangle between  Tunisia, Libya and Morocco. Later they’re sent to Turkey where other societies receive & help them into Syrian lands after a fast training that leaves them prey for capture or death.

Data available to AlChourouk newspaper suggests that Tunisian politicians are distancing themselves from the security matters involving these terror networks, and the security agencies had dismantled at least three. Several charitable and humanitarian societies were involved in this. They were receiving huge sums from Qatar to help their activities. The money was delivered cash in bags through several border points like the Carthage Int. Airport.

Data available to AlChourouk newspaper suggests that big names were on the know and they’ve worked directly with these societies. Some of them are members in the Tunisian Constituent Assembly. We’ll release the names soon.

Source: AlChourouk a Tunisian newspaper (

Photo of Fadi AlTa’ay a Tunisian Jihadist that was killed recently in Syria


– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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