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Two Turkey-sponsored Terrorists Killed in Al-Bab City, North of Aleppo

IED Explosion in Al-Bab city north of Aleppo - Syria

Two terrorists working for the Turkish occupation forces were killed, one of them is a commander in Erdogan’s security, in the city of Al-Bab in the northeastern Aleppo countryside, were killed, local sources confirmed.

A lieutenant in Erdogan’s security forces in Al-Bab called Khalid Al-Khatib from the city of Mari’h was killed by an unknown gunman, the terrorist commander was a convicted criminal who joined the US-sponsored Al Qaeda FSA terrorist groups when he was released from prison.

In another incident, the body of a low-level terrorist from the same Erdogan’s security forces in Afrin was found dead near the village of Soussiyan, northwest of Al-Bab, in the early morning by local farmers. The dead terrorist called Muhammad Juma Al Akkoun is from the town of Tadif, southeast of Al-Bab city.

Locals in Al-Bab reported the explosion of an IED – Improvised Explosion Device in a truck loaded with goods in the center of Al-Bab city. Erdogan occupation forces and Al Qaeda terrorists rushed to the site and are trying to find out more information about the explosion. No one was injured as per initial reports from the occupied city.

Erdogan, who buys stolen Syrian oil from ISIS and Kurdish SDF terrorists accuse those NATO-sponsored groups of the increased attacks in regions under his direct occupation.

Followers of Syria News would remember Al-Bab city where Erdogan’s loyalists threw the employees of the city’s main post office off the rooftop of their 4-story building because they refused to join their ‘peaceful revolution’ calling for US-styled ‘freedoms and democracy’ in the early days of the US-led war of terror against Syria in March 2011.

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