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two detonations rock damascus syrian army kills gunmen in the countryside

February 6, 2013  7:13 PM  
Two car bombs have blasted near a school in al-Zahira and near a checkpoint for the Public Committees in al-Yarmouk Camp, claiming victims and material damages. 

Our correspondent affirmed that the explosion near Rabee al-Ansari school in Zahira did not cause any victims, where the victims were recorded in the detonation of al-Yarmouk Camp.

On the other hand, our reporter said that the Syrian Army units targeted several gatherings for insurgents in Hijjira of Damascus countryside, killing more than 15 gunmen, including the Libyan Abdurrahman Meqdia who was responsible for making the explosive charges and bombing them in Hijjira.

The operations also killed Abu Hussein al-Golani, the leader of a group that belongs to al-Nusra Front.
Our correspondent stated that the Syrian Army forces carried out several qualitative operations in the orchards of Duma, Harasta and Tal Kurdi, killing and wounding many insurgents.

The killed gunmen included Fayez Muhammad Ali Kabkab, Qudsi Khafia, Hisham al-Shamali, Mahmoud Oyoun and Mustafa Hamada.
The Army also claimed control over buildings’ complexes in the western side of Daria. 

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