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breaking news update feb 6 2013

Damascus Countryside: The Syrian Army takes control over the surroundings of Harmala checkpoint in Jobar

February 6, 2013   11:02 PM

Sky news quoting Mouaz al-Khateeb: Damascus battle is wrong and we’ve lost lots of men

February 6, 2013   10:09 PM

Sky news: al-Qadam coordination gives statistics for the Syrian Army artillery to bomb position for Free Army militia

February 6, 2013   9:53 PM

Sky news: insurgents of Free Army militia have surrendered in Jobar and the Syrian Army takes control over the area

February 6, 2013   9:53 PM

Sky news: leaders from the Free Army militia have been arrested by the Syrian Army

February 6, 2013   9:35 PM

Sky news: the Free Army militia withdraws from Damascus Countryside after being caused hundreds of deaths

February 6, 2013   9:34 PM

Hama Countryside: a car bomb explodes near a factory, causing several martyrs of the workers

February 6, 2013   8:08 PM

Damascus Countryside: militants, including Muhammad al-Rayyes and Omar Antar, have been killed in Hosh al-Fara of Duma

February 6, 2013   6:37 PM

Damascus Countryside: the Syrian Arab Army takes full control over Harran al-Awameed and Kafreen

February 6, 2013   6:34 PM

A local source to Breaking news: this day witnessed the largest casualties for the ranks of Al-Nusra Front

February 6, 2013   6:31 PM

Damascus: a car bomb explodes in 30 Street of al-Yarmouk Camp

February 6, 2013   4:45 PM


Damascus Countryside: the Syrian Army takes control over several housing complexes in the western part of Daria

February 6, 2013   3:54 PM

Damascus Countryside: the Libyan Abdurrahman Maqdia has been killed in clashes in Hijjira

February 6, 2013   3:53 PM

Media source: the rumors about the situation in Damascus are false

February 6, 2013   2:36 PM

Morsi: we have initiated our dialogue with the Regional Forces to find a solution for the Syrian crisis

February 6, 2013   2:14 PM

Aleppo: Syrian Army releases 30 citizens were captives inside al-Nahhas building of al-Sabeel neighborhood.

February 6, 2013   1:55 PM

Tunis: protestors attack the positions of the Renaissance party as a result to assassinating Baleed.

February 6, 2013   1:42 PM

Homs: the martyrs toll of the Palmyra’s blast raises to 35 martyrs and more than 30 injuries

February 6, 2013   1:29 PM

Damascus: armed men shell a mortar on Hiba institute in Hamish of Barzeh causing material damages.

February 6, 2013   1:25 PM

Our correspondent: gunmen has initiate the last step of “al-Banin al-Marsos” battle

February 6, 2013   11:24 AM

Edlib countryside: heavy clashes occur near Wadi al-DEf and al-Hamidie of Ma’art al-Numan

February 6, 2013   11:23 AM

Homs countryside: armed men shell Ain Tananir village by 3 mortars causing material damages

February 6, 2013   11:22 AM

Our reporter: the military operations cause heavy voices and the situation of Damascus is stable

February 6, 2013   11:13 AM

Damascus countryside: series of military operations of Syrian Army take place in Jobber, Zamalka and Erbeen against the positions of insurgents

February 6, 2013   11:13 AM

Our reporter in Homs: the initial toll of the blast is 20 injuries and no deaths were recorded

February 6, 2013   9:34 AM

Homs countryside: two car bombs have exploded near the Military Security Branch of Palmyra

February 6, 2013   9:34 AM

Al-Safer quotes of diplomatic source: Iran, Egypt and Turkey to hold a meeting about Syria today

February 6, 2013   8:45 AM

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