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turkish intelligence tracks turks based position syrian government

Turk Intelligence Prepare Files for pro Syria’s Assad

In one of the most sectarian and oppression moves by the fanatic Muslim Brotherhood of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Islamist Caliph wannabe, the Erdogan’s intelligence forces are discriminating Turks from Christians and Alawites based on their positions from the Syrian government of president Bashar Al Assad.

Turk Intelligence Prepare Files for pro Syria’s Assad

Erdogan’s intelligence services send these cards later to the Turkish police to create files for future persecution and to be used against them in any civilian cases. The cards as in the image above register information as:

– He is lecturer at the university from Antakya, Christian and supports Bashar Al Assad.

– She is journalist from Antakya; She is Alawi and supports Syrian Government.


Turkish Muslim Brotherhood AKP government is known to persecute journalists and all activist groups opposing its policies with a full cover from the US for these policies, yet still eyeing to join, or to be more accurate begging to join the EU..!

These documents are seized by a newspaper. Turkish Intelligence tagged people who support Bashar Al Assad in Antakya (as guilty people) source :

Erdogan US with you


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