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Syrian President Met with a Ministerial Committee

Syrina President meeting

The Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad met with the Ministerial Committee in charge of executing the political solution to the Syrian crisis in Damascus this afternoon.

During his speech addressing the nation on January 6th, 2013 in Opera House, Damascus, president Assad presented a comprehensive package  to solve the Syrian crisis that includes the commitment of concerned foreign states to stop financing, arming and hosting the terrorists, a full cease of terrorist acts to ease the refugees return to their homes followed by a cease of operations by the Syrian Army which will maintain the right to respond, then a national dialogue, a national convention and a new constitution emanating a new government to supervise parliamentary elections, and the final stage a national reconciliation conference and an amnesty.

President Bashar Al Assad
President Bashar Al Assad addressing the nation on January 6, 2013 from Opera House in Damascus

The Syrian government headed by prime minister Dr. Halaqi adopted the president’s vision and formed a special committee meeting all political and society bodies represented in the country despite the rejection by western sponsored opposition groups, mostly outside the country.

President Assad is determined on a political solution to end the crisis no matter how the west puts obstacles and sends their Mujahideen trying their best to return the country to the stone age.

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  1. ss khan

    today asad and tommorrow?

    the arab states should take decision with wisdom not by emotional and they forget day by day arab states are weakened

    how one state encourage rebels of other states

    let find a political solution viable to both warrning parties

    look thousands of innocent people died because of friction among arab states

    the best way to protect arab states is to come to a dialogues and end everything erupted like volcano

    arming syrian rebels is no solution as we know russia, china, iran backing syria and this arming of rebiels will be more dangerous and disintegrate the unity of arab states

    so be cool and take peaceful solutions not by violence

    Islam does not teach violence so they bent upon arming rebels it means more war and deaths of syrian people

    does any state care how much the people of syria suffer pls stop pls stop the rebels and bring them to negotiations

    the rebels become insane and wild they dont understand the langage of peace but they just want power

    western block playing a dangerous game with arab states pls awake dont be victim of such block and take swift action to control blood shed.

    May Allah Almighty provide wisdom to both warrning parties.



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