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Tsar Putin Brings the Sultan Wannabe Erdogan Half Way Down the Tree

Russian President Vladimir Putin with Turkish Madman Erdogan in the Kremlin

Ten days ago the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov offered the neo-Ottoman Sultan wannabe Erdogan a very large banana that time to come down the tree which he climbed very fast and very high, he rejected it.

Five days later, the IRGC offered a smaller Iranian banana to Erdogan to come down the tree and showed a stick in case he goes higher up, he rejected that as well and tried to go further up.

Yesterday, the Russian Tsar Putin brought Erdogan to the Kremlin, held him behind closed doors one on one for 3 hours, and extended with Erdogan’s entourage for another 3 hours, he offered him a carrot, Erdogan took the carrot and was very thankful to the Tsar.

Prior to yesterday’s summit between the established Tsar Putin and the wannabe Sultan the Turkish madman Erdogan, the latter was issuing threats the combined forces of NATO couldn’t achieve when they were at the height of their power and at the weakest time of the Syrian Arab Republic. The Ottoman wanted the Syrian Arab Army to withdraw from the Syrian province of Idlib, handover cities and towns freed during the past month from al-Qaeda terrorists back to those sub-humans, accept free movement of the Turkish Janissary and lift the siege off their posts they established within the Syrian province, and to stay away from the Damascus – Aleppo, and Aleppo – Latakia highways, yes, utterly insane but what to expect from someone like Erdogan?

After fierce battles throughout the month the Syrian Arab Army and their allies fought against thousands of anti-Islamic al-Qaeda terrorists and thousands of the Turkish Janissary forces (TSK or Turkish Army), the SAA managed to clean more than one thousand square kilometers and hundreds of towns, villages, and strategic hills. The military operation launched by the Syrian Arab Army and their allies was meant to implement the Sochi agreement by force after Turkey failed to implement its part of the agreement for more than 16 months, these include mainly:

  • Securing the north-south Aleppo – Damascus highway aka M5.
  • Securing the east-west highway known as the M4, especially the Aleppo – Latakia part of it which runs through Idlib province.
  • Cleaning Saraqib from terror, the city sits on the M4 – M5 intersection.
  • Disarming al-Qaeda terrorist groups like the Nusra Front aka Jabhat al-Nusra aka Al-Qaeda Levant or HTS.

All of the above-mentioned points were about to be achieved before Erdogan sent thousands of the Turkish Army troops to act as human shields to protect al-Qaeda terrorists from the advancing Syrian Arab Army, and that’s exactly what they did and that’s why they lost significantly when the SAA was shelling the gatherings of al-Qaeda terrorists resulting in the killing of dozens of the Turkish Army soldiers who were sharing the posts with the very terrorist group that is listed as such by the UNSC, Russia, Syria, the USA, and even by Turkey itself!

Simultaneously, the Turkish madman Erdogan unleashed a new wave of refugees towards Europe in large numbers, except this time it was obvious for the Europeans that these refugees are coming from almost everywhere else except Idlib, most from Central Asian countries all the way to Afghanistan, and some from the African east coast.

The outcome of yesterday’s summit as stated by the Russian President and the Turkish madman and detailed, to some extent, by their foreign ministers, confirm the above-mentioned points:

  • No mention of the M5, meaning the SAA which cleaned the vital artery from terrorists will keep it.
  • No mention of returning Saraqib to al-Qaeda, as per Erdogan’s demands.
  • No mention of reversing the SAA last month gains, instead, a ceasefire will be established at the current position of the SAA.
  • The M4 highway will be reopened and Russian and Turkish joint military police units will patrol it. There will be a 6 kilometers perimeter secured on both sides of the road.

The agreement also reiterated an article from the previous Sochi agreement that is combatting terror will continue, especially the groups designated as such by the USNC resolutions. Erdogan, instead of implementing this part of the Sochi agreement, augmented these terrorist groups, namely Nusra Front, with radical terrorists loyal to him brought from other places, launched a recruiting campaign within Turkey for Arabic speaking fanatics, supplied them with new advanced weapons including MANPADs to shoot down SAA helicopters and airplanes, anti-armored missiles, increased the intelligence sharing, and worse than all of that he sent the Turkish soldiers to sacrifice their lives in order to protect these terrorists.

Yesterday’s ‘agreement’ explicitly states that combatting these terrorist groups will continue. I’d personally say this will continue to be carried out mainly by the Russian air forces, and by the SAA in case they try to advance towards the SAA posts or the cleaned town and villages.

The agreement does not refer to the new refugee crisis launched by Erdogan towards Europe, the ceasefire, if implemented and respected by Erdogan forces (TSK and Nusra Front) in Idlib, will drop any need for refugees coming from Afghanistan to cross into Europe, Erdogan’s refugees and humanitarian abuse couldn’t be more exposed and the citizens of Europe should decide through their ‘democratically elected’ governments whether they want to fall preys for Erdogan’s blackmailing in this regard.

History, especially modern history, more precisely the events of this last decade, teaches us valuable lessons if we want to learn from it: Never trust a flip-flop, never trust a Turk with dreams to revive the buried most hated most criminal Ottoman empire, never to trust a Muslim Brotherhood, never trust a US stooge, never to trust a liar, never to trust someone who uses the suffering of innocent people, in their hundreds of thousands to his personal goals, and all these evil features are embodied in a single individual, who happens to rule a regional power for the past 17 years.

From the post 6 hours summit at the Kremlin Erdogan was totally lost he shook hands with his own foreign minister who was with him all the time

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