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I’m Gonna Make Trump an Offer He Can’t Refuse

saudi sponsor of terror

Trump will be given an easy offer he cannot refuse. The statistics provided by US-friendly sources put the casualties of the Syrian crisis at 600,000 killed, 7 million displaced internally and abroad. There are about 1 million Syrians with different disabilities, a large number that suffered traumas of all types.

Qatari’s former prime minister has stated publicly that the US’s ally Saudi Arabia and his country Qatar have both and alone financed ‘rebel’ (read: terrorist) groups in Syria to the tune of $137 Billion. That money was used to cause the destruction of Syria and the high casualties among the Syrian people.

Since the Saudi, and by all means the Qatari, regimes are dependant on the US protection, I can offer the US president a handsome commission of 5% as facilitation fees on the collection of compensations from Saudi Arabia and Qatar to be paid to the legitimate government of Syria.

Saudi Exports

The Syrian government will forward 30% of the compensation received to the citizens who file for it, and the balance will be used to rebuild the infrastructure.

We can work on an amount of compensation per-person which could be around US$3 million for the killed victims and $2 million for each displaced.

In a rough calculation, we are talking about 7 million displaced: $14 trillion and $1.8 trillion for the killed victims.

The total amount is $15.8 trillion, which puts the commission for the Trump regime at $$790 Billion, which is not bad, right?

All it’ll cost Mr. Trump is one of his late night tweets instructing his friends the Saudi King and the Qatari Emir to arrange for the sums, and we will ask the Syrian mission at the United Nations to follow up with the process.

The amount collected can be deposited in Syrian government accounts opened at a consortium of banks in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, the reliable countries for money.

Trump Milking MBS Saudi Arabia

The title and idea of the offer is taken from the Godfather movie describing the world where Mr. Trump belongs to and fits perfectly in. Nobody can really compensate the Syrians for their losses, sufferings, and destruction of their country and worse their communities throughout the past years, this could be just the beginning to help them get on their feet back again.

Mr. Trump can refuse the commission he would earn from this offer, if he is smart enough to make it happen, and offer it  as a show of remorse for what his country did to Syria and the region. The USA and its Western allies are not less in their crimes against our people than their regional thugs are.

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