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Trump, Macron, Netanyahu New War Crimes against Syria: 70 Casualties

On 11 January, Trump, Macron, and Netanyahu all engaged in new war crimes against Syria, with a new round of illicit bombings. Contrary to their fraudulent public antipathy, Trump and Macron remain staunchly unified in their ongoing fascist bombings and massacres of Syrian civilians. Macron remains a multi-tasker; domestically, his gestapo continues to blind, blow off hands, and maim French citizens, while continuing to slaughter Syrians

Sebastien Maillet was wounded in the eye, & had his right hand blown off by Macron’s thugs, 9 February. NATO media ignore these heinous domestic war crimes. Reuters/Gonzalo Fuentes

On this day, the demonic coalition again bombed the al Baghouz region of Deir Ezzor. Seventy civilians were murdered or injured, and multiple housing units were turned to rubble.

Israel was also quite busy in its own war crimes against the SAR, bombing the al Quneitra Hospital it had previously destroyed, and a barracks used by security guard officials.

war crimes
Israel exhibited a new pathology in its war crimes: Re-bombing the hospital it had already destroyed.

This round of Israel’s criminal bombings of Syria resulted in material damages.

The bombing of hospitals are war crimes, according to the ICRC/Geneva Treaties on International Law. Syria News uses this opportunity to remind our readers that NATO media consistently ignore the bombings of actual hospitals in the SAR, but froth at the mouth when reporting claims from terrorists that unhospitals have been destroyed.

Miri Wood

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  1. John D Welsh

    Why is it that a significant segment of the human population (notably jews, e.g.) believe that survival and security depends upon domination and control of others rather than cooperation?


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