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Trump Fails in Renewing UNSC Weapons Trade Embargo on Iran

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After months of intensive lobbying and spending tens of millions of US taxpayer’s dollars, if not more, on trying to build support for his efforts to renew the weapons trade sanctions on Iran, Trump failed to pass a resolution to extend the embargo at the United Nations Security Council.

Russia and China used their veto right to kill the United States draft resolution presented at the United Nations Security Council to extend the 13 years weapons embargo on Iran for a further year. The initial resolution expires in October, after two months.

The United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231 for 2015, issued post the signing of the international agreement on Iranian nuclear power known as JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), stipulates that international sanctions imposed on Iran should be lifted, the weapons import and export embargo imposed by the Council will be lifted by October 2020, that’s 5 years from the date of signing the agreement.

Trump and his regime tried to invalid JCPOA by unilateral withdrawal from the international agreement, a precedent in the history of international relations. Trump thought that the European parties to the agreement would follow his steps, they didn’t and instead, were emphasizing on maintaining the deal despite their non-existing efforts to maintain it themselves.

For the record, the Trump regime did manage to get the vote of the Dominican Republic at the UNSC which voted in favor of the draft resolution presented by Trump’s ambassador to the UNSC. Out of the 15 member states of the council the Trump’s draft got two votes in favor including his own, two of the five permanent members of the council voted against it, hence dropping the vote by their veto power, although one veto suffices, Trump’s disappointment came mainly from Britain, France, and Germany for abstaining, in addition to the other 8 member states.

Trump’s mini-him Mike Pompeo, infamously known for his: ‘We lie, steal, and cheat’ speech, took his madness and his boss’s disappointment to Twitter for the failure of the world to see from the US’s ‘exceptionalism’ glasses:

Once the sanctions expire, Iran will see a boost in the exports of its precision pinpointed missiles, which exceed its peers in their accuracy and ability to evade the US’s top air defense systems, and its own air defense systems to many countries worldwide, and will allow Iran to import the most-needed material for their defense industries.

Since he assumed office, Donald Trump has failed in every single foreign policy he got involved in with foes and friends alike, he has succeeded in accelerating the loss of US hegemony worldwide by pushing for unpopular mostly impossible to implement policies on countries around the world, which all started by his unilateral withdrawal from the JCPOA international agreement. His only supporters for all his failures are those who see him as the anticipated anti-Christ.

Fake pious Trump burns Syrian wheat fields on Christian Sabbath
Fake pious Trump burns Syrian wheat fields on Christian Sabbath
Iran HESA Kowsar - Kosar fighter jet
Iran HESA Kowsar – Kosar fighter jet

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