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True Islam is Being Assassinated by Wahhabis in Syria


Fight in Syria had included since day one, attack on its secular nature. Sheikh AlBouti was the latest and most prominent victim of a two years attack on Syrian religious figures. An attack that was launched by FSA on Muslims and Christians who refused to fall prey to the intended civil war scenario. Here are some other martyrs who preferred death to giving up on the true essence of their religions or order the killing of their own nation. They all loved Syria more than they loved money or their next breath:

Dr. M. Sa’id Ramadan Al-Bouti was murdered on 21/3/2013 in Al-Eman mosque in Damascus by a suicide bomber while giving a religion lesson. 48 others were killed by the terrorist attack. AlBouti’s only fault was teaching peace, and tolerance. He was adamant in his support to the Syrian Arab Army, he just recently called all Muslims to fight against FSA extremists.

Sheikh Hassan Bertawy, Imam of AlNawawy mosque in Ruken Addin was assassinated by FSA on 27/8/2012. The terrorists who were stalking him had shot him in front of his house in Ruken Addin – Damascus. The Sheikh had appeared repeatedly on Syrian tv, he was known for being pro-regime. Before assassinating him the terrorists had threatened him against appearing on tv, and went as far as burning his home.

Sheikh Abd Al-Latiff AlShami was kidnapped by FSA from Amneh mosque in Seif AlDawleh – Aleppo, while praying early on Friday 25/7/2012. He was kidnapped right in front of the worshippers. The kidnappers had fired warning shots to stop people from aiding the Sheikh. His body was found few hours later in Seif AlDawleh park. The Sheikh had participated in several pro-regime functions, held hands with priests in show of a united secular Syria…

Dr. Mohamad Ahmad Awf AlSadik, the Imam of Anas Bin Malek mosque in AlMidan – Damascus was killed on 15/2/2012. Terrorists opened fire on the Sheikh’s car while he was heading home. The Sheikh had appeared more than once on the Syrian tv, he asked Saudi Sheikhs on live tv just days before his murder “How can you ban protesting in Saudi Arabia and allow it in Syria”. The martyr had a doctorate in Sharia, was married and had four children.

Sheikh Adnan Saab, the Imam of AlMuhamady mosque in Mezzeh – Damascus was killed on 19/3/2013. His car was bombed while he was heading from his home in AlZahera to the mosque to perform morning prayers.

Sheikh Naser AlAlawi, the Imam of Sayda Zainab mosque was killed on 14/4/2012 while going back home in Sayda Zainab from the evening prayers. He was shot from a close range; those who were present said it was like an execution. The murdered was a renowned Shia cleric.

Sheikh Abd Allah AlSaleh, head of Islam affairs “Oqaf” in Raqqa. He was killed on 30/12/2012 in front of his house. The Sheikh was known to for his pro-regime stance.

Priest Basilios Nassar was killed in Kafer Bahem – Hama on 25/1/2012. FSA had shot the priest who was trying to aid an injured man, a Muslim.

Priest Fady Haddad was found dead on 25/10/2012 in Rif Dimashq. The priest was kidnapped while giving FSA ransom to release a hostage from his congregation in Qatana. His body was found maimed, his eyes gouged & his head scalp removed.

Beside the attack on religious figures, FSA came with a hit-list full of intellectual figures to take out, scientists, prominent actors, doctors, researchers, generals. They’re trying to take back Syria to the stone age, just like they did in Iraq, to read more:

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