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the free iraqi armys leader coming from syria is arrested in iraq

The Iraqi Army declares that “It has arrested a leader of the so-called “Iraqi Free Army” after a security operation carried out in the south-east of Kirkuk province.

The Maj. Gen Muhammad Said al-Dlemi says that “Iraqi forces has carried out a military operation in one of the villages of al-Riad township, what resulted in the arresting of the Free Iraqi army pointing out that the forces have found an important information about the organization that has started to be formed and to be armed in Kirkuk”

Al-Dlemi adds that “The arrested leader has infiltrated Iraq before 5 days for Rabea outlet on the border with Syria”

A police sources in Kirkuk have revealed before two weeks that “the police forces have found  paper publications for armed groups contain officers’ names in the police, while they assure that members of what is called ” Iraqi Free Army” are attempting to kill all the listed officers.

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