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FSA Terrorists Lie to Each Other about Damascus, Epic

February 7, 2013  11:22 AM 

The talks about what happened yesterday in Damascus and its countryside still continue through the denial of the “Military council” of the “Free army militia” of what has been rumored about launching the “Great Epic” battle against Damascus, while Syrian Arab Army is ready for decisive battle against al-Qaeda members in al-Sfera city of Aleppo countryside.

“The Supreme Revolution Military council” has denied all what was broadcasted in Satellite channels through spokesmen on the behalf of Free Army militia about the “Zero Hour” of the “Great Epic” battle and this is a title launched by the militias on a desirable battle for them to capture Damascus.

Al-Watan reports that “Syrian Army is preparing for wide military operation in the east of Aleppo city that attempt to clean al-Sfera city from the insurgents and to secure the Defense Factories, in addition to the center of the Scientific researches”. 
The newspaper quotes of civil sources that “the reinforcements have reached to Syrian Army in the area to launch the decisive battle against al-Nusra Front, linked to Qaeda Organization, which has gathered huge members of its fighters to initiate their attack on the scientific researches center in al-Sfera city.

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