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Terrorists Thank UN Benefactors by Bombing Aleppo, Hama

“City of love in a time of war,” painting by Syria artist Wissam Al Jazairy - Aleppo - Hama - Homs Idlib - Der Ezzor - Terrorist

Terrorists thanked UN benefactors for passage of resolution to continue facilitating weapons transfers to them, by bombing Aleppo and Hama less than 72 hours later.

In the early morning of 16 December terrorists fired rockets into Aleppo City and two villages in Hama countryside. A rocket fired by takfiri in al Rashidin missed the Water Center in Halab al Jadida, in the western outskirts of Aleppo City. One person was injured and rushed to the hospital. There was material damage to public and private property.

Rashidin is where upwards of 130 civilians — mostly women and their kids — were slaughtered on 15 April 2017, after being released from captivity in a hostage for prisoners exchange (the prisoners took the buses to Idlib, in safety).

Unknown numbers of human garbage were dismantled along with their equipment, when the Syrian Arab Army ”retaliated through targeting the areas from where the shell was fired with the suitable weapons.”

The mortar fire in the Hama villages, causing material damage, were yet another violation of the ‘demilitarized Idlib agreement.’ 

SAA units combed “Mhardeh northern countryside after tracking a terrorist group” that had been targeting military points. Dens of terrorists from the Saudi-led ‘Jaish al Ezza’ were put to permanent sleep in the outskirts of Ltamenah.

In early September, this terrorist gang fired mortars from Ltamenah into Mhardeh, slaughtering 11 civilians. In January, Berkeley Law ‘Human Investigations Lab’ issued a lengthy anti-Syria propaganda attack based on al Ezza terrorists putting a sign on a building:

The devil is in the detail: Ltamenah “Surgical Hospital created & founded by Jaysh al-Ezza.”

Also on 16 December, the US-led war criminal coalition bombed Hajin, again, slaughtering another 17 civilians. The ‘slow genocide’ of civilians in this area of Syria has reached about 200 since September. Despite the petty Twitter fights of Trump and Macron, the two are as close as paint on a wall when it comes to unified commitment to destroy the Syrian Arab Republic.

SANA‘s News Ticker notes that “Syria condemns illegitimate excavation works by US, French, and Turkish troops in areas under their occupation” (bring in the Brits, and the world has a repeat of their imperialist theft of Thutmose’s Nefertiti, from Egypt). Israel has previously bragged about its looting of Eliyahu Hanav, the world’s oldest synagogue, in Jobar, Syria. Theft of cultural property is also a breach of international law, and of UN charter.

Miri Wood

Essential reading on the 13 December UNSC meeting for which the terrorists are celebrating with rocket and mortar fire: 

Jaafari: Syria Will Foil Schemes of Assassins of International Law

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