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terrorist network saudi arabia


Saudi Arabia authorities have recently stated that they have been able to discover an extremist group in Saudi related to Al Quada that was planning for carrying massive attacks on government installations and foreign interests.

Authorities have arrested 62 suspected members of the group, among them three foreigners, one is from Palestine, Yamen and Pakistan but rejected there knowledge is claiming any Intel on the number of Saudi members.

المتحدث باسم وزارة الداخلية منصور التركي A spokesman for the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arbia Mansour al-Turki
المتحدث باسم وزارة الداخلية منصور التركي
A spokesman for the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arbia Mansour al-Turki

However, Those arrested include 35 Saudis who had previously been detained on security-related allegations and released.

 Adding that the authorities are still hunting down 44 others whose names have been submitted to Interpol.

The statement said “suspicious activities on social networks” had facilitated the arrests, without providing further details.

The ministry has said it will prosecute anyone who back such groups “financially or morally”, or who seeks to promote them in the media and on social networks. 

It also forbids “participation in, calling for, or incitement to fighting in conflict zones in other countries” as well as calling for demonstrations or taking part in them.

But personally i had to ask myself this question:

If Saudi Arabia support the FSA the so called free Syrian freedom fighters those that are related to Al Nusra that are related to Al Quadi

Then why are they going to attack Saudi Arabia in a time it supports them with money weapons and SEX Fatwas for their animal greed.

And another question:

They show us the confiscated laptops, iPads, money and weapons but the thing is why are the laptops too new and the money is still UNC and the weapons looks not even used. Did they not use them at least one time .?????




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