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Terrorist Confesses to Perpetrating Crimes in Homs to Accuse the Army

Feb 16, 2013

HOMS-Terrorist Fakhr al-Din al-Abbas confessed to perpetrating a number of crimes against the innocents, mosques and blowing up cars in al-Hamra street at al-Malaab neighborhood in Homs, claiming the lives of scores of martyrs and wounding many others.

In confessions broadcast by the Syrian TV on Friday, al-Abbas said that he, along with a number of terrorist killers, destroyed a school and many shops in Homs in an attempt to accuse the Syrian Army that it did so.

“I was born in 1984.. one day a man called Abdul-Alem Turkmani, known as Abu Hadid asked me to join his group as he needs guards at night.. he order us to shoot fire on people in the streets and mosques,” al-Abbas said.

He added that the group carried out the orders of Turkmani and shot fire on people and prayers, in addition to shooting fire on the minaret of al-Samman mosque in Baba Amro to accuse the Syrian Army of this act.

Al-Abbas stressed that one day a man called Haitham al-Jouri asked him to bring a Skoda pickup which was booby-trapped and parked near Um al-Banin school at al-Hamra street, then to put it in front of a barber shop, near Omar mosque in the same neighborhood.

“I carried out what al-Jouri asked.. I left the place and when I returned I knew that the car was bombed and many citizens were martyred while several others were wounded in addition to big material damages in the place and shops.

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