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breaking news update feb 16 2013

Damascus Countryside: a tunnel that was used by insurgents in between Harran al-Awamid and al-Otaiba has been found

February 16, 2013   2:36 PM

Damascus Countryside: militants, including the leader Ihsan Tabranin, have been killed in Marej al-Sultan

February 16, 2013   2:34 PM

Aleppo: a public march that supports the Syrian Army and  their nation gather in the university square

February 16, 2013   2:14 PM

Homs: a forceful Syrian Army mission in al-Taiba town of Tadmor kills dozens of gunmen

February 16, 2013   11:01 AM

Homs: militants who attempted to steal diesel tanks on Hasyaa road have been killed

February 16, 2013   11:00 AM

Edlib: a military operation by the Syrian Army in Jedar Bakfalon town strikes 7 dens for insurgents, one of them belongs to an insurgent’s leader

February 16, 2013   10:43 AM

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