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Syria’s Assad Receives Lebanese Delegation

Assad Reception

Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad received today 21 April 2013 a large Lebanese delegation representing most of the national political parties in Lebanon in Damascus.

‘What the Arab arena is witnessing in this era confirms the need for new unifying ideas and thoughts, Syria and Lebanon had always a pioneer role in creating and emphasizing such thoughts especially through national, Arab and Nassiri parties, and this what contributed to a far extent in spreading and strengthening the national Arabism feeling.’ Assad told the delegation per the Syrian presidential media office. ‘Today we need more than ever to invest in this role to face the dividing and splitting attempts we face’ Assad added.

The Syrian president confirmed to the visiting delegation that there will be ‘no space for easing with the Takfiri and terrorist groups’ and ‘Syria will face terror in all of its forms while the government continues to execute the political solution for the crisis

Former Lebanese minister of defense and member of the delegation Abdul Rahim Murad quoted Assad: ‘Syrian Army managed to control Darayya since one week, and formed a tight ring around Damascus, the capital, and the strategy is cleansing Qussayr city in Homs countryside to pave the ending of terror in Homs city and its countryside, then the Syrian Arab Army will focus on cleansing Aleppo, its countryside and Idleb’s countryside in the north of Syria.’

Murad on Al-Mayadeen news channel added that ‘the field output will specify the timetable of Putin – Obama meeting’, the meeting scheduled by next September 2013.

Meanwhile, the SAA forces are advancing swiftly on many axes and scoring very high in the numbers of killed terrorists, the numbers recycled by NATO’s propaganda channels in their daily toll of civilians killed in Syria, not mentioning any losses of terrorists to maintain their moral, as if terrorists never get killed!

This meeting and the appearance of Assad within less than a week from a previous very lengthy television interview with Syrian Ikhbariya News Channel (one full hour) delivers a number of blows to the credibility of western mainstream media and their pan Arab agents which keep using terms as ‘an embattled president’ who ‘lives on a Russian Navy ship’, ‘Syrian state is losing territories of land in the favor of Al-Qaeda FSA terrorists’, ‘regime days are numbered’ and the most used term ‘regime killing own people’!

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