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Syrian Government: Ready for Cooperation with UN inspectors

Chemical Weapons

Damascus will cooperate with UN team of inspectors.

After the United Nations (UN) have published the statement that the Syrian government in the capital Damascus will cooperate in the soon beginning investigation of the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict, also the Syrian government has finally published a statement that says that it is ready to cooperate with the experts of the United Nations (UN) in regards of the upcoming investigation whether chemical weapons such as sarin nerve gas has been already used in Syria.

However, this investigation by a team of UN experts whether chemical weapons have been already used in the Syrian conflict comes after Russia has already handed over documents to the United Nations (UN) about their investigation of samples of a place of attack by foreign-supported terrorists against Syrian civilians and soldiers in Syrias Khan al-Assal (sometimes Khan al-Asal) near the strategically important and large city of Aleppo (Halab) in March, 2013.

The Russian experts have found “first-hand evidence” in their investigation of these samples from the place of attack near Aleppo that sarin nerve gas has been used and according to the circumstances at the location in Khan al-Assal in March, it is very certain that a group of terrorists have made use of sarin nerve gas in their attack and not a unit of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) – according to the statements by Russian officials such the Deputy Foreign Minister and other high-ranking officials from Moscow.

Contrary to the results of the Russian investigation whether chemical weapons have been used in Syria, alleged evidence in the hands of Washington shall confirm that the Syrian Arab army (SAA) has used chemical weapons already. However, according to officials from the United Nations (UN), the so-called evidence by Washington for their claims that the units of the Syrian army have used chemical weapons in the battles against terrorists are insufficient and are not able to pass a more detailed investigation of them.

The spokesman of Ban Ki-moon, Mr Eduardo del Buey, said that the Syrian government has formally accepted the modalities essential for co-operation to ensure the proper, safe and efficient conduct of the upcoming investigation by a team of experts in Syria, as reported today.

An official of the Syrian Foreign Minister confirmed the already published statements by the United Nations (UN) about the upcoming investigation by a small team of UN experts in regards of chemicals and chemical weapons in Syria.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry official said a day after the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, has already spoke about the cooperation of Damascus in terms of the investigation, that the negotiations between the Syrian government and the officials of the United Nations (UN) have ended positively and that the UN experts are expected to be in Syria in the next days in order to start their investigation and probe whether chemical weapons have been already used in the Syrian conflict.

Massacre in Khan al-Assal (Source: SANA)
Massacre in Khan al-Assal (Source: SANA)

However, the team of UN experts are allowed to investigate three different locations in Syria so far, including the mentioned place of an attack by armed militants against Syrian soldiers and civilians in Khan al-Assal, near Aleppo. The attack has caused the death of over 30 persons in March, 2013.

According to the official statements by the Syrian government in Damascus from today, there have been no huge difficulties in the negotiations between the UN officials and the Syrian government in terms of the upcoming investigation and modalities. Syria is, according to the statements, ready to give the UN team of experts all the “facilities that it needs to conduct its mission on Syrian soil.”

Ake Sellstrom and Angela Kane among UN experts

As mentioned today morning, the UN team of experts is headed by the Swedish arms expert Ake Sellstrom and Angela Kane, who is the UN disarmament chief.

Like the Russian government, we hope the investigation will be objective and the heads, Ake Sellstrom and Angela Kane, are not carrying out the usual double-standards policy of the United Nations (UN) when they found evidence on Syrian soil for the use of chemical weapons, probably by the armed terrorists and not by the Syrian army – due to the fact that in case the Syrian forces would use chemical weapons in their fight against the foreign-backed terrorism in Syria, it would be (in the most cases) even counterproductive for them in regards of the modalities of the most clashes and the urban warfare in Syrian cities and villages.

However, now everybody is looking forward to the upcoming results of this investigation and the next statements by the Swedish arms expert Ake Sellstrom and the UN disarmament chief, Angela Kane. Their departure is imminent and the small team of UN experts is expected in the Syrian capital Damascus in the next days. This will get interesting.

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