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Syrian Authorities Arrest 40 North African al Qaeda Jihadists Coming Through Lebanon

Lebanese Addiyar daily reported today ‘confirmed information’ of a group of very dangerous North African Al Qaeda Jihadists has been arrested by the Syrian authorities. (link to article in Arabic:
A Libyan – Tunisian group of 40 Al Qaeda terrorists fell in an ambush set by the Syrian security forces, could be in coordination with Lebanese security, upon crossing the Syrian-Lebanese borders near Tal Kalakh, in Homs.
The group was brought from North Africa through a Lebanese radical party active in north Lebanon, armed and financed then sent with a guide to join the ranks of Al Qaeda FSA fighters in Syria but instead fell directly into the welcoming hands of the Syrian security forces.
Jabhat Al Nusra or Al Qaeda Levant works under the name of FSA in Syria
This just adds further evidence to the Syrian claims that many Lebanese political parties are very much involved in financing, recruiting and facilitating the inserruction of Al Qaeda jihadists into Syria against all mutual signed treaties between the two countries and against the declared Lebanese government stance of ‘distancing’ itself from events in Syria. It comes after few days only from leaked recordings proving the involvement of a duo Lebanese members of parliament Saad Hariri & Oqab Saqr in financing and arming Al Qaeda militias carrying out terrorist attacks against Syrian civilians and public buildings, and just after a week of the successful ambush that left at least 17 Lebanese terrorsits dead and others with unknown fate till date infiltrating the borders from the same location.
Al Qaeda terrorist posing for the camera.. cheese.
The latest arrest of the Jihadists terrorists coming from North Africa, per Addiyar, moved a number of European countries in addition to the USA to survey the names of these terrorists to the extent that the CIA officially requested from its Russian counterpart help to gain information on these terrorists.
The angles of terror in Syria

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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