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Syria Updates 27 May 2013

Northern Aleppo

May 27, 2013 will be mainly remembered as the day NATO sponsored ‘freedom fighters’ from Al Qaeda Levant aka FSA or Nusra Front targeted directly the TV crew of Syrian Ikhbariya news channel killing journalist Yara Abbas and injuring 2 cameramen Osama Dayoub & Badr Awad when their car was ambushed by upset terrorists near Dhabha airport after covering their defeat, but on the other side, the brave men of the Syrian Arab Army continued their achievements throughout the country and the students of Baath University, the main university in Homs had a strong message to deliver to the world, while terrorists were blowing up cars and losing ground in different parts of the country.

Yara Abbas
Martyr Yara Abbas, Syria’s Ikhbariya TV Reporter

The Syrian Arab Army units advance slowly and steadily in Qussayr city and its countryside, delayed due to the high density of IEDs and booby-trapped objects where terrorists in some houses booby-trapped the doors, fridge, microwave, iron, electricity switches, sofas, windows and all items of the house, as an example, while tunnels remain the main item SAA keep looking for. More than half of Dhabha military airport was cleared and other sites per our previous report.

In Qussayr city, Homs countryside, Ahmad al-Shaar from the National Reconciliation Committee was sniped by one of the ‘freedom fighters’ he was trying to negotiate the release of civilian hostages they took, in a show of ‘good intention’ they believe in.

Homs city witnessed a car was detonated in Al-Waar residential neighborhood by FSA imitating their Iraqi branch of Al-Qaeda killing 6 and injuring over 30 passerby civilians. That was their contribution to their representatives convening in Istanbul, Turkey who failed to agree on adding new less radical members to their Muslim Brotherhood-dominated coalition created in Qatar under the supervision of former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

While the students at Homs’s main public university Al Baath University showed their full support for the Syrian Arab Army in a gathering in the university’s main campus today, and in case you didn’t know, the Syrian government offers free education to all citizens and residents in the country from Kindergarten to PHD in all majors and grants scholarships abroad for majors not available in the country. Graduates from Syrian universities are known for their high competencies among peers from other regional universities.

Homs Baath University
Students at Baath University in Homs show full support for the Syrian Arab Army

Syrian Arab Army units continue to comb Darayya town in southern Damascus countryside, while other units keep combing and cutting routes of terrorists in northern and eastern Ghouta, Damascus countryside, while terrorists try to target anything they can inside the capital and around with stray mortars and failed attacks on army checkpoints.

In a strange coincidence that always happens, 2 French journalists posted what they called their testimony that SAA used chemical gas in Jobar suburb of Damascus similar to Sarin effects while French and Russian foreign ministers were due to meet to discuss Syria among other international issues! The same coincided with a widely spread rumor of sulfur-like smell in certain parts of Damascus city near the area mentioned in Le Monde newspaper where the French journalists pasted their ‘testimony’. We will not discuss the expertise of French journalists in identifying chemical substances used, we might ask the Syrian government to look into their claims after they are tried for entering Syria illegally and serve their punishment due in such cases, just for integrity matters.

Northern Aleppo
Northern Aleppo Countryside – Besieged Nubl & Zahraa towns in the red circle

Syrian Arab Army units managed to enter the strategic town of Dhahret Abd Rabbo in northern Aleppo countryside cutting the main route for terrorist supplies to and from Aleppo city, circling, squeezing and flushing terrorists who are not terminated is one of the tactics used by SAA units to ensure eliminating terror in restored cities and towns. The following report from ANNA News explains more:

In Idleb countryside under the terror sphere of Nusra Front sponsored by Turkish prime minister Erdogan’s intelligence forces two groups of terrorists clashed for what appears to be because of a dispute on bounty distribution they stole from a previous raid against a private farm in the countryside. Locals reported at least a dozen killed and wounded from both groups.

In Hamidiyeh neighborhood in Hama city, center of the country, two deserted warehouses were reported by neighbors for suspicious activities were raided by a Syrian Arab Army unit and a discovery of large quantities of Israeli made weapons and munition was found, the warehouses were apparently used as headquarters for a local terrorist group under the FSA umbrella preparing for some future attacks. The following report of the weapons was aired by Syrian state TV, the report confirms the finding of a decayed body beyond recognition, and a number of terrorists arrested from nearby houses.

Meanwhile, the battles continue between SAA, National Defense Forces and Syrian Resistance men from one side and terrorists smuggled into Latakia’s northern countryside by Turkish intelligence forces. Combing continues in the southern province of Daraa looking for terrorists sneaking into the country from Jordan. Terrorist attempts against SAA units stationed in Der Ezzor & Raqqa countrysides all were foiled with an unknown number of terrorists killed in each attack, more than 8 different attacks were reported today so far.

On the political arena, nothing to expect except wasting more time while the EU failed to uplift an embargo on arming Al-Qaeda fighters in Syria during their discussions today as if France and UK pushing for uplifting the embargo wait for such a decision. Keep in mind: who holds the ground put the conditions at the end, and since Syrian state is not invited to any of those political arenas, it will reflect nothing on the ground and will be forgotten in near future.

The FSA umbrella for terrorists is being punched by SAA advances
The FSA umbrella for terrorists is being punched by SAA advances

Syria updates today were much more than the above, but we tried to highlight the main points.

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  1. Arabi Souri

    Just as the above report is published breaking news were coming that the UK minister of foreign affairs William Hague has set a precedent in international law in stating that EU has agreed to arm the opposition of a sovereign state member of the United Nation.

    Wonder if the IRA wants a second round with the invaders, or the Scottish, as now it's internationally approved as a policy to arm opposition groups fighting other countries.

  2. Drooker


    If it didn't work for Qatar and Turkey to arm the opposition, its not gonna work for Europe to do so. They're late to the party, with Al-Assad whipping their butts all over the place now.


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