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syria terrorists used projectiles filled chemicals damascus

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Urgent: Terrorists used projectiles filled with chemicals in the area of the Syrian capital Damascus.

This is a very serious news – There are new reports of the use of chemical weapons by the foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists in Syria. According to the latest update by ANNA-News, a group of armed terrorists used some kind of chemical weapons in an attack on an unit of the Syrian army in the district of Barzeh in the Syrian capital Damascus.

According to the current information, about 10 Syrian soldiers were hospitalized – with the symptoms of poisoning and tightening of their airways. One can just hope that all these soldiers will be fine again soon and nobody dies by these consequences of the attack with chemical weapons (substances) by the terrorists in Damascus.

Before the use of chemical weapons by the foreign-backed terrorists in Barzeh, Damascus, several units of the Syrian army had success in the attempt to advance much deeper in the metropolitan area of Barzeh and this offensive, carried out by the Syrian Arab army, was thus another successful operation. But in response to the harsh persecution of these armed terrorists and jihadists in this area, these armed groups of mercenaries and thugs used “bombs”, filled with an (so far) unknown substance.

According to the information of ANNA-News, the armed terrorists have used these “bombs”, filled with unknown chemical substance(s), in their attack on Syrian soldiers after the units of the Syrian army were able to advance deeper into this area.

As stated, 10 Syrian soldiers were sent to a hospital and all have the typical symptoms of poisoning and complaints of tightness in their airways. So far, there is no information about fatal cases due to this attack with chemical “bombs” on these Syrian soldiers.

Syria: The used chemical(s) are not yet identified

In addition, another armed gang of terrorists and jihadists fired some mortars into some civilian districts of the Syrian capital Damascus. The sad consequence of this attack was the death of three Syrian civilians in one of these districts. In the other attacked districts of Damascus, there are no reports about casualties, just about material damages to residential buildings and cars, of course.

This is another evidence that the foreign-backed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) attacks civilian areas in Syria without any hesitation and does not care about the death of civilians. Thus, there is no revolution in Syria.

This is a staged revolution which is in reality a proxy-war against the Syrian leadership and the Syrian stance towards Israel and foreign powers by the help of jihadists, uneducated religious fanatics and dumb human resources from all over the Arab world and even from Europe. While Saudi Arabia and Qatar pay the money for the destruction of Syria.


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